Supernatural, Smallville update.

ELEVEN will hit the pause button on Supernatural, after next Monday, due to the show having some weeks off in the US.

“How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters” airs on November 28 but “Death’s Door,” which airs on December 2nd in the US won’t air here on December 5.

The show has 4 weeks off in the US in December.

ELEVEN plays double premiere Smallville episodes at 8:30 and 9:30 to make up for it.


  1. What a pity, I was really looking forward to seeing the Deaths Door episodeof Supernatural this week. And you are right when you say that viewers will find another way to watch it. Can’t wait until until January when Supernatural returns.

  2. i forgot to add, that as much as i loathe the living daylights outta ten, for once upon a time having all my favourite shows then they made it where none of them were on, and messed arouund with supernatural So uber much, i could never not watch supernatural, dexter, or psych. ten isn’t producing themand its not their fault ten is a horrible, erractic channel. these shows imo are still as superb as the day i started watching them. that hasn’t changed. thank golly-oshes that they’ve handed it over to the more mellow and consistent channel eleven ( exceptt psych which is on one lol)

  3. Channel Ten is horrible, luckily for mke though that Supernatural is now on eleven and it’s hada fantastic year this year. And i’ve got a great feeling its not going anywhere ( aside from non ratings period.) i love os much that this year they caught up from tens serious lag, showed 6 not too late after and now 7 is superclose behind, i hope 2012 is a continuation of fast tracks. The onlyhing that annoys the daylights outta me is that they cut shots and gore etc outta supernatural so much(i am a gore freak :)), but i’m still glad itss here and probably here to stay, just a nuddge into 9.30 and no cuts what so ever would be bsolutely fabulous for me

  4. @ Andrew

    I forgot to add it was Channel 9 that first aired season 1 and part of season 2. Then Ten bought the rights years later and started showing where Nine left off. I’ll admit if it wasn’t for the DVDs I’d never be able to see all the episodes. Especially when they put it on a HD digital channel so most people couldn’t see it and I would have if they had of mirrored the channel on SD digital at the time. But I’m glad Eleven are showing it at a decent time. It’s better late than never. I also loved it being paired with Supernatural. When it ends I wonder what they’ll pair with Supernatural. If they had the rights The Vampire Diaries would be perfect. But I don’t know if they could get the rights.

  5. @ Andrew

    Are you buying the Region 1 version of the Season 1-10 box set i.e. U.S. version? Because the region 1 version has 62 discs and the region 2 version has only 60 discs. You could look it up at the Smallville Wikia to confirm or even Amazon US and/or UK. So you miss out on 2 bonus discs of content including a retrospective as well as the Aquaman pilot plus other stuff eg. Comic-Con I think with Tom Welling.

    @ Marj

    You might need a different antenna. The older ones have trouble although not all the new ones are wonderful either. There are ways to look into it online eg. ABC and SBS have TV reception pages.

  6. I gave up on Supernatural after Ch 10 stoped/started, then cancelled it then brought it back in Season 4. I now wait for the DVDs then watch it at my pleasure. I also now never watch anything on Ch 10 as my sad silent protest. It’s not hard, ch 10 have the worst programmes.

    Same with Smallville. Ch 10’s digital channel had sci-fi Wed nights, then stopped it, bought it back, then moved it. AGain I gave up and I’m now buying season 1-10 box set from for around $150.00 with free postage. Want a box set, always check out amazon UK first. So cheap compared to Oz.

  7. I think there should be no break at all, I have no social life so now what am I gonna do on fridays now? I watched supernatural because I have no social life and Supernatural kept feeling like I am not such a geek, don’t make any breaks please I am begging you.

  8. Thanks David. I wondered if Eleven would stop Supernatural this week or next. I hope they realise some of their audience won’t be happy and will view it by other means. I’ll wait but I hope it begins again in January. I’m glad about Smallville. Although if they end with double eps all the way that means the Finale will be shown together ending in January ( 9th I think ) . I guess that’s why they ended Supernatural early because they could end Smallville with double episodes. Thank you Eleven for fast tracking Supernatural and playing the last season of Smallville during prime time on a weekday. I look forward to seeing them.

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