Clock starts again on 24 movie

The feature film of 24 is closer to reality with news that a completed script is expected to be fine-tuned by the end of the year.

Mark Bomback (The Wolverine, Shadow Divers) is doing some last minute tweaking of a script byu writer Billy Ray.

Deadline says the goal is to get the film into production when Kiefer Sutherland becomes available in April. He is currently starring in the series Touch, which is coming to TEN.

Imagine Entertainment and FOX have about five directors in mind.



  1. Bring back Nina Myers!. I forget, did we ever Actually see her dead body?
    I’d rather see a new season after a few years hiatus – not a movie.

  2. Anyone else notice how One is showing season one of 24 later and later? Last night it started at 11:30pm, after a double episode of Rush.

    I’d be surprised if One showed season two, even though it was part of the 2012 line up.

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