44.4% as Tennis dominates Thursday

Ask any Programmer and they will tell you, the night before a Public Holiday their numbers will be down as viewers take advantage of a late night out.

At the end of a Public Holiday the numbers are up as people bed in early for the work routine once again. Even with an RDO for many Aussies today, tennis fans were glued to the box.

Last night the Australian Open averaged a huge 1.7m viewers for the first session, helping Seven to a staggering 44.4% share -the biggest for the network this year. It peaked at 2.17m. Seven more than doubled its nearest competition, which was Nine on 19.5%. TEN was 18.7%.

The cricket averaged 1.06m viewers for its second session, but significantly was not a primetime affair. Nine can take comfort that Nine News (1.25m) bettered Seven News (1.21m) for the second time this week.

TEN was unable to rise above TEN News (621,000) with The Biggest Loser on 612,000, the premiere of A Gifted Man on 570,000 and Law and Order: SVU returning with 535,000 / 486,000. The Project was 409,000.

Best for ABC was ABC News on 889,000. Adam Hills: Inflatable pulled 401,000.

24 Hours in Emergency was 210,000 on SBS ONE.

Thursday 26 January 2012


  1. @Jamie – are you serious!?!? Im a reality television nutcase but even I saw through the obvious dramatic acting, and the sssooo drawn out challenge which we have to wait until Monday (when weve forgotten all about it) to see what happened.

    TBL is really a shocker this year!

  2. TEN should realise that their low numbers are due to the tennis, and repeat their offerings before next week, and also do not shift the times for next Thursday, let it settle for a few weeks in that slot.

  3. Can we blame Steve Vizard for the Project’s low numbers?

    He is my least enjoyable guest host. We was also on Sunday’s offering as well. Just sayin…

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