Nine News to refresh graphics

EXCLUSIVE: Nine News will refresh its graphics next Monday.

The new look features shimmering opening titles with a rotating, animated globe.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House feature in the Sydney titles, with other new titles to feature in all markets from 6pm Monday, January 16.

There’s a strong use of white and bigger fonts in some of Nine’s transitions as well as Twitter details of reporters and presenters.

Looks pretty good….


  1. I think Nine’s new broadcast design package is a significant improvement opposed to last years – especially in regard to lower thirds, using white is a better alternative than over using red in their overlays (reminding me way too much of Seven networks signature colour). I’m glad they’ve brought back their globe, but overall I still think it doesn’t compare to the professionalism found through their graphics around 2005. I think blue and gold looked much better. See

    In regard to 7 News’ broadcast design, there’s somethings I like – such as their main titles (‘glassy’ Seven logo on main title), however, I really think using fonts ‘Arial’ and ‘Impact’ on banners is, well, unprofessional – and I think they clash a little. Ultimately, their (seemingly short lived) design package from 2010 seemed to compliment the sharpness of their main 7 logo and made the network more professional. I much preferred it. See:

    And as far as content goes (aside from graphics), I think I agree with a few people that ABC are the only ones delivering a professional bulletin on FreeTV (possibly SBS, I haven’t watched their bulletin).

    Thoughts? I know just someone has to disagree with me…

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