Aussie director with high hopes for Modern Family

It’s not just young Aussie actors making their mark in the US.

Director Jeffrey Walker, 29, who had acting roles in such shows as Thunderstone, Ocean Girl, and Round the Twist has just returned from the US where is under consideration to direct an episode of Modern Family.

Having shadowed US directors on the FOX comedy he is awaiting good news.

Walker has recently finished directing Guy Pearce on ABC’s upcoming Jack Irish telemovies, but his CV already includes All Saints, Angry Boys, City Homicide, The Elephant Princess, Home and Away, H2O: Just Add Water, Wild Boys, Dance Academy and Rake.

The US gig is believed to have become possible after directing Pay TV’s offbeat crime series Smalltime Gangster.


  1. Jeffrey is a very talented man and he and his lovely wife Brooke are two of the nicest people you’d ever meet. So congrats to him and hopefully he makes the leap!

  2. Jeffrey also directed several blocks of Neighbours back in the early noughties, which I believe is where his directing career began. I remember seeing him credited as a Film Victoria Director’s Attachment.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    He certainly has come a long way from the childrens shows which i used to watch in the 90s. Hopefully he can become successful as some of our actors in the states.

  4. That is a great news item – he has been a truly remarkable success story – child actor, turns industry player, and now on the international stage. It has been great to watch his career trajectory. Congrats to Jeffrey.

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