Big Brother confirms return to Dreamworld

As predicted, Big Brother is returning to Dreamworld for 2012 on Nine.

The official BB Facebook page, has posted “The secret’s out and it is now official – Big Brother will be at Dreamworld Australia in 2012! Stay tuned to BB’s only Official Facebook page for ticket information – we’ll let you know more as soon as we lock in details!”

The theme park was home to the Reality show across its entire run on Network TEN and was widely tipped to return there.

The series, to be hosted by Sonia Kruger, has been flagged as post-Olympics by Nine but with the collapse of Excess Baggage there has been talk of the show potentially starting earlier.

So far no auditions have been announced.

Dreamworld Chief Executive Officer, Todd Coates, said “Dreamworld is incredibly excited to be the home of the new Big Brother series. The Big Brother house and studios will be an iconic attraction at Dreamworld and for the Gold Coast.

“It is fantastic news for Dreamworld, and also for the local film and tourism industries. Dreamworld is proud to participate in this significant investment into the Gold Coast,” Mr Coates continued.

Southern Star Executive Producer, Big Brother 2012, Alex Mavroidakis said, “Southern Star Entertainment is thrilled to bring Big Brother back to its natural home, Dreamworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

“Our hub at Dreamworld always allows us to create a show that is truly dynamic and after a four year break, we’re excited to build a brand-new House that will exceed Housemate and audience expectations,” Mr Mavroidakis continued.


  1. vos – Your distinct lack of grammar and spelling both amuses and concerns me. This shows either a complete disrespect that you would fail to proof-read your reply before positing out of respect for all other members to read — instead, we are now forced to decipher your message as if it were some message intercepted via ASIO and while I do not agree with Jake (there were some very good elements to the first few series of this show), if you are an example of the types of viewers this show has… wonder it bombed the first time.

  2. I totaly new it would allways end up been at the very same place. Im quite suprise how many people don’t seem to be smart enough when it comes to something like this. If your a BB fan like i am. You would aventually now BB would allways be at the same place. And if you watch the news everydays if your in queensland you would sometimes find out something in regards about (big brother) and anna-bliegh where she indeed indicated that Having big brother in queensland would yet boost tourist and create new jobs for the GC. So ive allready new this months ago. Im suprise how many people here allways end up acusing me for saying what i believe and what do you know? well i was true right what i used to say here about big brother. Sorry just had to clear that so people can understand why i was right about this. Even though this news source may seem new for you all but i new it would be at the gc. And also i sort of new that the name (secrets) may aventually be taken off and just be called (Big brother) But what i really don’t no for a fact is…. will it be a Big brother (number) series.

  3. Not sure how I feel about it returning to Dreamworld. Great for Qld, but I really dont like the auditorium with the massive crowds and huge stage etc etc. I prefer it to be like BBUK’s more intimate interview style or like back in BB Australia’s second series.

    I am still pinching myself that its Finally returning!

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