Global fits out FOX Footy studios

FOX Sports’ new 24-hour AFL Channel, FOX Footy, will be located at Global Television Studios in Melbourne.

Global is constructing purpose-built production offices and High Definition television studios for FOX Sports within its complex on the corner of Dorcas Street / Wells Street, South Melbourne. FOX Footy will have 1,590m2 of purpose-built creative and office space.

The site has been home to many live television programmes including Dancing with the Stars, Rove as well as recorded shows such as Deal or No Deal and City Homicide.

Global Television has provided broadcast for Foxtel AFL telecasts since 2001 and has been re-engaged for 2012-2016.

The FOX Footy studios will have eight permanent HD cameras, with the ability to scale-up when required, and enjoy connectivity to the larger studio floors within the Global. Programs will include panel-style shows, sports entertainment and news presentations.

To envelop the facility in a 24/7 television feel, a large sound-proof glass viewing wall between the lobby and Studio 1 will offer visitors and staff alike a view of the on-floor action.

FOX Footy launches on February 17.

For the first time in broadcasting history, FOX Footy will be home to Live, uninterrupted and high definition coverage of every match in the 2012 Toyota AFL Premiership Season, plus exclusive coverage of the 2012 NAB Cup, Foxtel Cup, Under-18 Championships and key AFL events complemented by the best commentary and analysis in the business. 

Patrick Delany, FOX Sports CEO, said: “We’ve had a long relationship with Global Television as our outside broadcast provider and we look forward to building an even more formidable partnership in 2012. 

“We have very high aspirations for FOX Footy and we are confident that these new purpose-built facilities at Global will assist in the delivery of unparalleled AFL coverage to footy fans, followers and fanatics alike.” 

Keith Andrews, Global Television CEO, said: “We are delighted to welcome FOX Footy to Global Television’s Melbourne Studios and to extend our long-standing partnership with FOX Sports for their AFL coverage.

“Our Melbourne studios are the ideal solution for FOX Footy and work is well advanced on the channel’s new home. 

“In addition, Global’s expanded outside broadcast fleet, after merging with the Cutting Edge OB business, enables immediate High Definition coverage of all FOX Sports AFL games, no matter where they are played across Australia. 

“We are all very excited about working even more closely with the FOX Footy team in 2012.”                                                                                                                         

Design work on the FOX Footy studios and support areas is complete and construction is underway with completion anticipated in mid-2012.

Global Television is providing an interim studio solution for FOX Footy within Global’s existing Melbourne Studios complex, using the current Studio B and onsite HD control room.

FOX Footy Studios at Global Television Studios Melbourne: key points

  • Fully-serviced professional production Studios 1 and 2: 114m2 each.  Features include:

o   interconnecting large studio doors to enable camera movement

o   latest-technology ‘cool’ lighting

o   large glass viewing wall from the main lobby into Studio 1

o   viewing windows from break-out areas to Studio 2

  • Eight permanent cameras, enabling live crosses between production floors
  • Dedicated FOX Footy control room
  • Studio support areas including locker rooms, green rooms, wardrobe and various break-outs
  • Access to Global Television Studio A or B for larger-style productions shot before a live audience, with seating for up to 350 people
  • 1,590m2 of purpose-built creative and office space spread across two floors, encompassing a mezzanine floor (gallery-style) open to the floor below
  • Bespoke design with raked ceiling beams, suspended lights and heavy-wired railing systems
  • Extensive natural light from windows and large skylights
  • Exclusive FOX Footy channel entranceway from the high traffic intersection of Dorcas and Wells Streets

Global Television’s AFL facilitation for FOX Sports in 2012: key elements

  • 18 NAB Cup games
  • 110 AFL home and away season games (five per round) encompassing:

o   20-camera coverage (9 manned and 11 point-of-view), equating to a total of 100 Global Television cameras deployed per round

o   30 channels of record/replay, equating to 150 channels per round (‘channels’ in this sense mean the individual camera streams that come together – under the director’s guidance – to form the telecast that TV viewers see)

o   42 crew/commentators per game, equating to 210 staff shifts per round

  • 15 Foxtel Cup (juniors) games
  • Under-18s National Championships
  • TAC Cup Grand final (under-18s)


  1. Oh i forgot to add the best thing about it is HD! I love my Sports, TV Shows and other events in HD. Something the FTA networks could really learn from.

  2. Must say the ad with Eddie is getting so overused. I don’t want him now. Was warming to the idea but now its “Eddie Everywhere” again. The good thing is that it is free for Sports subscribers instead of an added extra cost, for now at least. I have a feeling sooner or later more likely sooner that the price of the sports package will go up by $5 and then its basically saying you are paying $5 extra for the footy channel. Personally i think the FOX Footy title is a bit of a farce because to me in this country footy is Rugby League and AFL not just AFL.

  3. @tihsamikah from memory Fox Footy 1.0 had only the 3 worst games of the week exclusive and replay rights to the rest.

    Fox Footy 2.0 has 5 exclusive games each week, and rights to show the other 4 live and commercial free.

    I’d say that’s a completely different scenario.

  4. and prices will go up…. just like they foxtel took all the shows off 7mate, and called it A&E… another channel I won’t watch… I’m sure I’ll be paying for that too

  5. Armchair Analyst

    Foxtel has already spent up big buying the rights to air almost every match of the season and now they invest more cash into Fox Footy 2.0. Clearly they are going all out to make sure the paying customers dont have anything to winge about. However i dont think it will pay of financially. I am sure the other sports will end up subsidising the channel. They will need to get an increase in the amount of subscribers if they are to make a profit from this.As far as the Ads go well just because they wont put any during the telecasts it doesnt mean that they wont during the shows that they will air. With that amount of AFL personell and content it will not come cheap.

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