Returning: NCIS

NCIS is finally returning to TEN, set to take on Packed to the Rafters and Two and a Half Men.

TEN resumes the show with a double episode at 8:30pm Tuesday February 14th.

“Engaged & Engaged Part 2”
While investigating a crash of a military plane that was transporting caskets, the NCIS team comes across a discrepancy with the DNA remains; meanwhile, Tony’s deepest fear resurfaces.

Meanwhile, in other TEN programming news, Homeland will also air double episodes next Sunday and Glee returns to 7:30pm on Friday February 17, with a Friday edition of Biggest Loser at 7pm.


  1. TBL might need to get done by easter. So MC can start sooner rather than later. At least Glee is 7:30 not 7pm. Perhaps TBL could be 30 mins every night, keeping all lineups at 7:30.

  2. And no news on House? I was looking forward to watching it tonight, but seems its been dropped…

    At this rate, I suspect it will be moving to ONE before long…(they need something)

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Well, hopefully it’s just the one double-ep to avoid Easter Sunday because I think that a lot of people will not want 2 hours in a row of a meaty drama such as this. No switching over to Castle or Jonathon Ross for a bit of light relief to finish off the night either.

  4. stevieg, even though you would rather see episodes of Homeland over Easter, I’m sure Ten would prefer them in official ratings where they count…especially given how well it has been rating. Not only does Easter not count, but viewing numbers drop a lot during that time.

  5. I’d rather see Homeland over Easter, than double eps in the height of summer. The way channels especially, ten, have been bombarding us with double episodes of shows before ratings have even started has gotten exhausting to keep up with. The Good Wife, SVU, Desperate Houswives, Eastenders, not to mention all the reality crap. it all gets too much.

  6. So Glee is going back to a suitable time slow, where it belongs! Its now just on the wrong day, but I fear one more move and the show will be dead on TEN. People will stop putting up with these moves. Its now been on almost every day of the week in all evening time slots.
    The disappointing this is more TBL is on, but this may mean that the other episodes may get cut back to 30 mins and we go back the to normal starting times of other shows being 7.30/8.30/9.30 and not on the full hour.

  7. Ryaneco, without double episodes of Homeland, it would have finished in Easter non-ratings. There really is not point in the show building to an amazing finale and then have it play Easter Sunday.

  8. No no no no why mess with homeland it’s too much in double episodes. Ten know how to royally screw with their hits, another one down the drain just watch and see.

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