Survivor… soon but not yet

For readers who have been asking about the next season of Survivor on Nine, there is no date scheduled as yet.

The new season began in the US this week.

A Nine spokesperson tells TV Tonight, “But there are no plans to sit on it for any length of time. We expect it will be slotted in to the schedule very soon.”

Longtime Survivor fans will remember that whilst Nine has often started the show later than the US, there are often pre-emptions in America that allows Nine to effectively “catch up” too.


  1. See, this is why the TV networks of the world need to catch up with technology and viewers and come to some agreement where they can broadcast shows simultaneously around the world using the Internet. I’m sure people wouldn’t object to a Small nominal fee or subscription to be able to watch new shows right away, at the same time as everyone else. As it is, the whole situation is ridiculous, with viewers treated terribly and treated like criminals.

  2. I don’t think many people will wait for channel 9 to slot it into their schedule. Past experience shows that they may well slot it in for a week or two but then it moves.

  3. Any week the show is not on in the US all they have to do is tell the audience the truth, because most of them will probable already know if it’s on the following week. And those who don’t can take about 30 seconds to find out when its on.

  4. I really hope they won’t air it on Monday night.they won’t get the ratings and I won’t be able to record it at all because I’m already recording MKR, Revenge and Supernatural.

    Please bring it soon though, Tuesday night will be perfect.

  5. And they wonder why people dont watch it when its on. Play it closer to the US airtime and people will not watch it else were.

    Good on ch7 for airing The Amazing Race so quick.

  6. Well i was gonna ask about this, but figured this would be the answer from Nine. Which is actually not to answer it at all. So thanks for deciding for me Nine. I’ll go watch it now.

  7. There are no pre-emptions and the only repeat for the Survivor year is the recap episode CBS airs for Thanksgiving week, so as usual 9 will have to air multiple back-to-back episodes to catch up.

  8. I think they were planning 9.30 wednesdays once Sherlock finishes in two weeks time but seven beat them to the punch with amazing race at that time.

    It does not pull the ratings it used to, so it may end up on Go as I can’t see any other holes in the schedule to be filled.

    Don’t care so long as it is shown soon

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