But where is Survivor please?

Survivor fans are still waiting for Nine to schedule the latest season of Survivor: One World.

The latest season started a month ago in the US.

At the time a Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight, “…there are no plans to sit on it for any length of time. We expect it will be slotted in to the schedule very soon.”

With Episode 5 airing in the US this week, that’s beginning to look a little shaky.

TV Tonight understands it is unlikely to begin before mid-April, although that’s not confirmed.

While Nine hasn’t always started in sync with the US it’s often been able to catch up, thanks to double episodes and pre-emptions. But a mid-April launch would need a fair whack if it is have any hope of ending in the same week.

The problem with late delivery of Reality shows is the increased risk of online Spoilers (especially for certain bloggers reading about other TV news!).

By contrast, Seven is fast-tracking Amazing Race for fans.


  1. I haven’t been a fan of channel Nine for decades TBH… Their aussie made reality shows are just awful, but to give credit The Voice is the best thing Nine has ever done to win back ratings.
    However, i believe Nine still has the rights to aire Survivor which they choose not too. Maybe the ratings are just not big enough, otherwise i’m sure Nine wouldn’t be that dumb to not put Survivor on TV.

  2. i gave up on FTA years ago. watching ‘by other means’ is the only way of getting eps of television on time and without spoilers. ,we live in a digital age and OZ tv networks need to realise this

  3. I have a feeling we’re going to get it after Easter. On a Tuesday night will be perfect because Monday is a huge night of TV for me. Ch 9 let us have Survivor! There are still fans of the show in Australia!!

  4. Channel Nine have been notoriously unreliable for more than seven or eight years now…their fetish of changing timeslots for programs and repeating the same Chuck Lorre sitcoms ad nauseum at the expense of their other shows, has left viewers disillusioned and annoyed

  5. I wish all eastern states moved forward 1/2 an hour in summer for daylight savings!! That way Qld will see shows live for 12 months instead of six months delayed… Perhaps governments might think of this or networks air shows simultaneously across most states!!

  6. Yeah i knew Nine would do this so i didn’t even bother waiting to be disappointed. And as someone said, they wonder why Seven is winning. Same with NRL. Seven commits to live AFL on 7mate in NSW/QLD, yet it’s all too hard for Nine to put live NRL on digital channels in other states? Again this is why Seven’s winning.

    And yep network really need to take fast tracking seriously. Just yesterday there were major deaths in several tv shows, and i know one US blog, as soon as the episode aired, had a headline stating the spoiler.

  7. When ch9 decides when they want to air Survivor people (like me) would have already seen it because we can’t be bothered waiting for it to come on tv.

    Ch7 do the right thing and fast track The Amazing Race, Why can’t you ch9.

  8. @David: You are right about Desperate Housewives, there was a massive event in this weeks episode in the US which I would hate to have read about prior to having the ability to see it first. I purposely didnt read your article the other day about a Desperate Housewives spolier being mentioned in court. Still not going to read it even if it was about what just happened in case it mentions anything else.

  9. I was watching The View last week and was hit in the face with a nice little Survivor spoiler. Today again on The View the clip showing the demise of a Desperate Housewives favourite had me gasping. David you kindly announced spoiler alert regarding a DH story last week so I didn’t read it. It looks like I need to stop watching The View.

  10. To be fair, majority of the viewers who watch TV wouldn’t have a clue when a show starts in another country. Look at Revenge, it’s awesome but started 6 months ago in the US and it’s getting huge ratings here. I know I’d rather wait a few months and have all the episodes air resonably close to eachother. I get your point though about unintentionally seeing spoilers online but what do you expect if you log onto television related sites?

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