‘Ita’ out of Paper Giants sequel

EXCLUSIVE: No Ita Buttrose. No Kerry Packer. And filming in Melbourne -that’s what is looming for the sequel for Paper Giants.

Neither Asher Keddie nor Rob Carlton, who were acclaimed for their performances in The Birth of Cleo, are set to appear in the follow-up tale for the ABC.

“Ita won’t be making an appearance,” Gold Logie nominee Asher Keddie told TV Tonight.

“I’m not involved in it so I don’t know what it’s about. But I hope it’s as successful as the first one was.”

Carlton, who won’t play media mogul Kerry Packer in Nine’s Howzat! miniseries, also confirmed he hasn’t been approached for Paper Giants 2.

Co-producer Mimi Butler confirms the second season will film a Sydney shoot component but with most of the shooting to take place in Melbourne.


  1. I think the magazine wars refers to the war between Nene King(Woman’s Day) & Dulcie Boling(New Idea).
    Hence, no Ita in the sequel. There has to be a Kerry Packer, though. And a Murdoch?
    I can’t see it being as successful as the original because Ita is such a well known person, as opposed to Nene & Dulcie.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    I take it that this won’t be a continuation of either Ita’s or Cleo’s story, then? Shame, thought there was more there. Could it be about Frank Packer? Murdoch?

  3. I’m not a fan of a drama not being filmed in the city where it’s set. eg Maria Korp . I know it’s all make believe but they seem to lack authenticity.

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