Ratings Revenge as Seven takes fourth week

Seven has won the fourth week of 2012 ratings with 7 percentage points clear of Nine and 15 ahead of TEN.

Seven Network was 33.7% over Nine 26.7%, TEN 18.7%, ABC 15.6% and SBS 5.3%.

The convincing win was thanks to shows such as Revenge (at 1.96m it was the week’s top show), My Kitchen Rules (up to 1.84m), Packed to the Rafters (1.55m), Seven News (1.3m), Border Security (1.19m), The Force (1.19m) and Sunday Night (1.17m).

Seven’s primary channel was 25.8% then Nine 20.7%, TEN 13.4%, ABC1 11.7% and SBS ONE 4.4%.

7TWO led multichannels on 4.6% followed by GO! 3.4%, 7mate 3.3%, ELEVEN 3.1%, Gem 2.7%, ABC2 2.4%, ONE 2.2%, SBS TWO 0.9%, ABC News 24 0.8%, ABC3 0.6%.

Nine News (1.37m) topped Nine’s week then One Day Cricket (1.33m / 1.08m / 1.02m), The Big Bang Theory (1.31m / 1.09m) and A Current Affair (951,000).

For TEN the best was New Girl and Modern Family (both 1.07m), Homeland (914,000), NCIS (891,000) and The Biggest Loser (up to 865,000).

Midsomer Murders was 1.00m for ABC1 then New Tricks (984,000), ABC News (938,000), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (934,000) and Australian Story (818,000).

Coast led SBS ONE with 348,000 while The Spice Trail was 315,000, Apocalypse: The Second World War was 304,000, and Arctic with Bruce Parry and 24 Hours in Emergency were both 269,000.

Seven won key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 all 5 metro cities.

It ranked first on every night of the week, except Sunday which fell to Nine, while ABC beat TEN on three nights: Monday, Friday and Saturday.


  1. @Nathan

    I still believe it will still rate over 1.5m. Only the minority of people would have gone out and bought the DVD/BluRay. Sure its been a while but this was always Seven’s plan and besides its the same situation as last year already ending way before it came here.

  2. tens digital channels have really been letting them down lately. They are the only network that does not cross promote their channels. 7 and 9 air their digital channels signposts on the main channel at around 6:30 every night. I think it is really effective and looking at those ratings, it delivers results. Ten need to get over whatever silly reason it is that they don’t.

  3. @Guy It would be interesting to see how Downton rates, Seven has said it would be aired later in the year, they’re just pushing it all back so we’ll behind even more. Series 3 is filming now. I reckon a great deal of it’s audience would have seen it by now, I didn’t bother waiting for Seven, bought Series 2 and the Christmas Special off ebay.

  4. Seven are just commanding at the top and the scary thing is they haven’t released the big big guns yet in Downton, Dancing, Once, Criminal Minds and Talent. I just can’t see Nine coming back. It’s going to be same old same old.

  5. Seven is going up and Nine is going down. The network share gap has widened from 6.5% to 7%. I imagine that it could possibly grow bigger this week with no cricket on Nine.

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