TEN boosts F1 Grand Prix presence

Next week will broadcast extra content from within the paddock at Albert Park’s Formula One Grand Prix.

For the first time Formula One Management has allowed TEN to host its broadcast from the Qantas Paddock Club.
“We have built two sets – one for the hosts/commentators and one for other TEN programs to utilise in the lead up and during the Formula One,” a spokesperson told TV Tonight.
The Circle will cross to Liz Ellis who will be hosting from the Qantas Paddock Club on both Thursday and Friday.
“Sydney 5pm sport segments will be hosted from the Qantas Paddock Club by Brad McEwan. The Sydney studio will cross to Brad.
“Melbourne 5pm sport segments hosted by Rob Waters as Stephen Quartermain will be commentating the swimming in Adelaide will also be hosted from the Qantas Paddock Club.”
The Project will be crossing live on Friday.
Throughout the weekend over the broadcast TEN will also utilise both sets with a number of interviews.


  1. Let’s be fair to Ten. They have treated the F1 and Moto GP very Well. Races are shown live and we get to see qualifying. Last year they also had internet support with live streaming and live timing. We really can’t be critical of ten for the treatment of the F1. I agree the local hosts do ok pre and post race but we must stay with the world feed for the commentators.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    I don’t mind Rusty and Craig Baird &/or Darryl Beattie for all of the local coverage and links, but I want the real thing for qualy and the race.

    @Shelley – I like James Allen too (and his F1 website is way better than the official one) but he’s doing commentary for BBC radio this season, altho’ I suppose that could still work with the live footage. If what you liked about the BBC commentary last season was Martin Brundle, well, he’s now with Sky for the F1. Can’t remember what David Coulthard is doing this year.

    I just hope that Ten don’t put The Devil Wears Prada on 11 at the same time as the F1 because I won’t be able to make my mind up about which one to watch.

  3. The entire weekend is shown live on Ten and One, with longer coverage on One.
    I seem to remember David putting up a notice that what was on what when.
    As for commentary, we’ll probably get Greg Rust and some other clown from Ten.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    @ Shelley…totally agree…all good!
    @ Armchair Analyst,,,I wish Bill Woods would go back to doing motor racing…he was good at that…not a good news presenter….

  5. I’m petty sure they will also have coverage on ONE. We know they are under contract to provide HD for the rest of the world, it would be a shame if we got SD while the rest of the world got HD just because TEN didn’t want to waste ONE with showing the same.

  6. Secret Squirrel

    Can’t wait. Two Aussies racing this year. It’s going to be great.

    @Craig – it’s on channel 10 so it can’t be in HD. Which is a shame because I’m sure that it would have been so much better when Liz Ellis interviews some swimmer or soapie star about the frock they’re wearing.

  7. Armchair Analyst

    Is Bill Woods getting involved with the F1 coverage this year? Its a very small token gesture by Ten to air this Live nationwide considering they have completely ditched their sporting credentials.

  8. Linkin-Phoenix

    Woo hoo! It’s so close, I’m quite excited for the F1 season to finally start.

    I hope the coverage will live up to the standard of previous years. Though considering Lachlan Murdoch has ruined pretty much everything else about the network I am very worried.

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