30 Rock stages another live episode

For the second time in its history 30 Rock has staged a live to air show, not once but twice in one night, for East and West Coast audiences.

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and the rest of the cast of “30 Rock” did it again — took their show live two times in one night — and, as expected, hilarity ensued.

It featured guest stars including Jon Hamm, Donald Glover and Amy Poehler but there were differences in the two editions.

During the East Coast broadcast, viewers were treated to Paul McCartney. West Coast viewers got Kim Kardashian.

In the East Coast version, Jane Krakowski sang to the show’s theme music. West Coast viewers got recurring guest star Cheyenne Jackson.

There were a number of sketches on the set of the set of Saturday Night Live, several of which had subtle differences.

In a West Coast spoof of The Honeymooners, Tina Fey’s character admits she got syphilis from Orson Welles.

Alec Baldwin appeared as as Charles Nelson Riley in the West Coast version and Richard Nixon in the East.

30 Rock last staged a live episode in 2010.

No word when one of these airs in Oz yet.

Source: Zaptoit


  1. David – wont be airing for a while here. We’re currently 10 eps behind the US. I beleive for last year’s live show, they aired one of the versions on Seven, but put both versions up online.

  2. For some reason certain photos are blurring like in this screen grab postimage.org/image/tdb8u2q2f/ on my computer. (XP/Firefox for completeness)

  3. Secret Squirrel

    I really like 30 Rock but find it hard to keep up with on 7 with it’s ridiculously late starts and not knowing whether new eps are on. It’s pretty amazing that they perform two live versions of a comedy show back-to-back so that it is actually live in all US timezones, whilst us poor saps are begging and tearing our hair out to even have major sports shown live.

    I’m not sure if I’ll wait for it to eventually make it on to 7 but, in case I do, please, please, not the version with Carcrashian.

  4. As episodes they weren’t very good but as an event it was fantastic with the 2 live shows and a few live mistakes. I would hope markets outside the US get both versions but that’s unlikely until the DVD comes out.

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