ACMA investigating Media Watch

The media watchdog is investigating ……the other media watchdog, Media Watch.

The Australian and Communications Media Authority is investigating an unresolved complaint against the ABC show.

Writing a piece about regulators for The Drum, host Jonathan Holmes notes, “There’s a complaint about Media Watch before the ACMA at this moment. Of course, neither we nor the ABC believes it is valid – if we did, we would have satisfied the complainant already.

“But the ACMA may decide we’re wrong. In which case, we’ll have to cop it.”

It would be a very bizarre outcome indeed if ACMA did find Media Watch in breach of the ABC Code of Practice.

Would the audience side with one watchdog over another?

Would ACMA send Jonathan Holmes for training to ensure potential breaches didn’t happen again?

And who might have made the complaint? Alan Jones? News Limited? ACMA itself?  It’s a media watchdog chasing its own tail… head hurts now….


  1. I hear ACMA hit Mediawatch with all the charges on a Friday afternoon, and the hearing was held on Monday… Oh wait… I’m getting the two mixed up.

  2. I’m sure Media Watch are shaking in their boots, what with the quick resolution and severe punishments ACMA dolls out… Oh wait…. I’m getting the two mixed up!

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