Charming, cheeky, Molly is back.

Molly Meldrum is back.

In an interview on Today Tonight, the music guru showed he still has his cheeky sense of humour for which he is beloved.

Meldrum recalled the day he fell off a ladder, his hospital recuperation and music memories.

While it’s clear he is still recuperating, it is also clear that Molly is back.

Telling Jennifer Keyte about that fateful day in December, he said, “It was raining and then I slipped and went ‘kabang’ and hit that sphinx there. Actually it sort of at least cushioned some of the fall I think… I remember banging my head and went ‘oh my god’ and then I apparently just passed out,” he said.

Meldrum suffered a traumatic brain injury, fractured ribs, punctured lungs, compressed vertebrae and damaged ligaments in his neck.

He described his current health as “really good” and joked that he has lost his trademark “umms and ahhs.”

He told Keyte that at the Epworth Rehabilitation Hospital he looked out the window one night and saw the lights of the MCG and AAMI Park.

“I thought there’s a game on. So I started to get dressed,” he said.

“I was told in no uncertain way, I might add, that I was going nowhere.”

But he also revealed he fled the Epworth briefly before being discharged. After walking out, and trying unsuccessfully to hail a taxi, Molly got lost in the surrounding streets and was later found by an Epworth staff member in a café.

“After a while it was just too much for me being in there and I felt like a caged animal,” he told Keyte.

“I took off out of rehab into Erin Street which is just down the road.

“I took off and they tried to grab me.”

At the coffee shop he was asked, ‘Are you Molly Meldrum?’

“And I said ‘yeah, sort of.’ So that cover was up.”

Doctors said Meldrum also still remembers his past, including the infamous Countdown interview with Prince Charles.

Meldrum cited “adjustment of everything” as the most difficult part of his recovery and thanked well-wishers who had sent cards and messages.

“All these cards and boxes that people sent….. absolutely inspiring.”

“I cannot wait to go to the footy. I know it sounds tragic … but I just can’t wait to go to the footy and just be a normal person in my scarf, whatever I wear, and just cheer on, you know.”

And he is “absolutely itching” to get back to work, hoping to interview Sir Elton John, his son Zachary, partner David Furnish and Zachary’s godmother Lady Gaga.

“Can you imagine in a park, Elton, a pram and Lady Gaga? It’s mind boggling!” he joked.

Welcome back, Molly. We still love you.


  1. Now I’ve seen the interview (had guests so I had recorded it) – well done Molly. I know how it feels to recover from a life threatening injury – in 2009 i was about 46 seconds from bleeding out from a misdiagnosed stomach ulcer – and I know how hard that kind of major recovery is – its like going back to being a toddler in a way (eating, mind stimulus etc). He is so brave. I completely understand why he didn’t appear at the Logies – you can tell from his speech he still isn’t up to massive events – baby steps in these kind of incidents. So glad to see him talking and laughing, wishing him all the best for a full recovery!

  2. Can I just say, I find it so so tacky that Channel 7 advertised this interview as being a part of Seven News when it was clearly just a ploy to get people viewing earlier.

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