Clive Palmer to feature on Australian Story

Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer, the man who has today announced he will run for office against Wayne Swan, features in next week’s Australian Story.

The profile includes access to family, never-before-seen home movie footage and family photographs. A little-known fact is that Palmer’s father also started Radio 3AK.

Ahead of the episode screening next week, he has said: “I am not going to watch it. I’m not brave enough.”

A man who continues to defy definition. What no-one disputes is his growing influence.
Meet the man behind the human headline, Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer is variously described as a national treasure, a philanthropist, a billionaire mining magnate who has never mined, a big noter and a major political lobbyist — among many other things.

In the last few years he has achieved an increasing national profile starting with the mining tax debate that damaged Kevin Rudd, public stoushes with people like Frank Lowy and taking on a key role in Anna Bligh’s record breaking election defeat. He says his next target is Julia Gillard.

So just who is Clive Palmer … what is his history, what is his personal story and what is he likely to do next?

Australian Story features exclusive, access all-areas to Clive Palmer’s life from business meetings on his private jet to celebrating his youngest daughter’s birthday at home on the Gold Coast.

The edition includes never-before-seen home movie footage and family photographs documenting Palmer’s early life including pivotal months spent in China with his father during the Cold War years of the sixties.

Palmer and his wife reveal the story of their developing friendship and marriage after both lost their partners to cancer within weeks of each other.

Palmer is joined by interviewees including his second wife Anna Palmer; his boyhood best friend Geoff Smith, his first boss, now his employee Ian Ferguson, former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, Forbes Asia Magazine’s Rich List compiler, Tim Treadgold and journalist Sean Purcell.

Monday, May 7 at 8pm on ABC1.


  1. Butterfly Carnage

    He goes to show you don’t need to be a Mensa member to become a billionaire. He carries on like a complete drongo! Why waste the oxygen?

  2. jezza the first original one

    Just because a person was successful in the mining industry at a time when commodity prices are booming will not necessarily make them a good pollie. I am not a fan of billionaires being pollies….think Berlusconi in Italy and Thaksin in Thailand etc

  3. Hey isn’t this the guy who now wants to build an ‘unsinkable’ version of the Titanic… Um didn’t they try that 100 years ago?

    Yes I’ll be on that ship 😆

  4. I know people love to hate the government for no reason but if people actually prefer Clive Palmer – a greedy, self-serving billionaire – I would lose all faith in the Australian public. I don’t think that will happen though.

  5. This guy hasn’t even set foot in Lilley for many years. Wayne Swan has been a good treasurer and an excellent local member (I’m in his seat).

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