Four Corners: Apr 16

Next Monday on Four Corners, “Blood and Honour” reported by Geoff Thompson asks can the war in Afghanistan be won and is Australia’s involvement worth the price that’s being paid?

When Al Qaeda attacked the United States mainland in September 2001 the US reaction was swift and brutal. Terrorist bases in Afghanistan were targeted and bombed and an invasion by a coalition of forces, including Australia, followed. In no time at all Al Qaeda fled to Pakistan and the Taliban was overcome.

Ten years on the situation looks very different. The Taliban is back, fighting continues, casualties are rising and relations between the Afghan National Army and the coalition are troubled.

Now, with plans underway to begin the withdrawal of troops that make up the international coalition, reporter Geoff Thompson takes a hard-headed look at the state of war and peace in Afghanistan. He looks in detail at the objectives set out by the Australian Government justifying this country’s involvement. He talks to military experts, political analysts and those who’ve been part of the campaign to deliver health and education to the people of Afghanistan to assess the state of play.

Uncomfortable questions are asked and answered. Could the Taliban retake the country when the coalition leaves in 2014? Is the Afghan National Army up to the job of protecting the people? Might the only chance of peace involve a negotiated settlement with the Taliban, and what sort of peace would this be for Afghanistan?

“If you’re tossing away life, whether Afghan life or American life or an Australian life, if there’s not some benefit to the coalition, to the country, to the people of Afghanistan, then you’ve got ask why are we doing this?” – US Military officer.

Monday 16th April at 8.30pm ABC1.

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  1. Can the war be won? No.
    Is it worth the price we’re paying? No.

    The only good thing you can say is that Afghanistan hasn’t cost us as much as Vietnam did, yet. But we sure haven’t learned anything from Vietnam. Still sucking up to the maddies in the US in the hope they’ll one day reward our blind loyalty, well they won’t. They don’t even know who was in Vietnam (or Korea) with them, they’re totally self-absorbed and uninterested in anything, or anyone, else.

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