Gambling on The Voice? Think again.

High profile gambling sites are all jumping on The Voice bandwagon, offering punters the chance to choose the winner.,,, are all taking wagers, with Rachel Leahcar and Brittany Cairns both tipped as the favourites at around 7 to 1.

But how fair is this when next week’s Battle Round episodes have already been filmed?

There are already studio audiences who know the outcomes, and some Spoilers have already been leaked online.

While that clearly gives some an advantage (and good luck to them), more importantly it does make it unfair on those spending money on singers who have in fact already been eliminated in production. None of this is the fault of Nine or Shine.

Will these sites reimburse customers whose money has been accepted after the singer has been eliminated, but before it has aired?

At least in the case of gambling for Dancing with the Stars and The X Factor, the broadcast is live to air.

But The Voice Live performance shows are still some time off.

It’s pretty clear these sites haven’t done their homework …it’s a bit of a rort….


  1. I voiced my concerns to one of those operators mentioned above and their response was less than desireable. All they could say was that they have no knowledge of the outcome. They also said it was a novelty market and you could only win up to $500. That did not seem to stop them taking my $10 on Michael D to win at $51. I guess that is $500 after you take the ten out. Anyway they seemed to not care less and said it would be months to the winner was announced.

    Goatracer yes they also bet on the winning coach but also individual winners.

    • Gawd…. I was going to write DWTS and Idol but went with more contemporary shows. Would I have been accused of subtly promoting Idol then too? I rather think chk chk if we are talking about subtle promotion perhaps we should look back at the history of your comments to the site that are innately pro-9, and maybe your email address while we are at it. But that’s not my style….. sorry you went there first.

  2. It wouldn’t be the first time that an eliminated constant has been returned to the show, if they did it. Big Brother and the Biggest Loser both have.

    Although it is very unlikely to happen in The Voice or DWTS.

  3. David you must be congratulated for drawing attention to this, only a couple of moments ago I opened an email from one of the big online bookmakers thinking exactly what you have written
    Out of interest the betting was on winning coach which is a little more random and probably doable.
    Joel Madden 3.00, Seal 3.50, Delta Goodrem 3.75, Keith Urban 4.00.

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