Gold Logie showdown: Karl Stefanovic

Last year Karl Stefanovic surprised everybody by winning the Gold Logie over and above two Packed to the Rafters stars, Adam Hills, Asher Keddie and Chrissie Swan.

Many questioned how a breakfast television host could win over primetime stars, but Stefanovic says audiences are fiercely loyal.

“You have incredibly loyal people watching first thing in the morning. It’s so raw in the morning that probably more than any other time of the day they feel like they know you. So it’s almost a family atmosphere when you’re broadcasting. So if someone is nominated then generally speaking you’ll get a high percentage of those people watching you voting,” he says.

“I don’t for a second think that I’m the most popular person in Australia but people voted for me last year and I was chuffed to have won. At the end of the day no matter what a network does it’s up to people to dial with their fingers.”

What the network did do last year was mount a a ‘Presidential’ style Vote for Karl campaign. This year the network puts its stamp behind two faces, Stefanovic and Hamish Blake.

“We decided that people might have had enough of that from last year. We were probably the first people to do it and it was kind of cool, but at the end of the day people need to chill out. If you win it, you win it. It’s got nothing to do with anything other than people wanting to vote for you. So people can say whatever they want but as far this year is concerned we’ve been really low key about it.”

How do you rate your chances?
“I rate my chances very highly of having a very good night. It’s the best night of the year for people who work in TV. So I rate very highly my chances of having a very long and successful evening. As far as the Logies are concerned, I don’t think it will be as prosperous as last year, but I’m still going to have a great night.”

Who is your main competition?
“I think that scallywag Hamish is going to be a very good chance this year, because he’s just so popular. And I think Carrie deserves recognition for being such a class act and such a great girl, I think she’s a terrific storyteller. I hope that she sees through the rest of the competition and takes it out. It would be great to see.”

Who is the dark horse?
“The dark horse is me. I am about 18 hands high with a very long face and a very hairy back. There’s no mistaking the dark horse in the race, my friend, despite what the odds are on Centrebet, apparently.

“But the other dark horse has to be Adam Hills. Everyone knows he’s been the best Presenter for a long time and he can’t win it.

“Aunty’s so cheap they won’t spend any money to advertise that he’s there and that he could win it.”

What does it mean to win a Logie?
“It’s a great feeling. As I said before to get recognition for working really hard, is such a great feeling. I love television and I’ve loved the Logies since I was a little kid. To be on stage for anything is a wonderful feeling. To feel part of that great history of Australian television is exhilarating.”

What was the highlight of your 2011 TV year?
“There was the keynote speech to the Dalai Lama, the wonderful start to Dickie’s book launch, those kind of things. So the highlight was actually taking out the Logie, but everybody else’s highlights might be a little bit different.

“But 2011 was also about doing what I do best and that was covering news as well as I can. Four natural disasters and a Royal Wedding and a succession of things that happened towards the end of the year, it was a really busy year. I’m glad in a way that it hasn’t been as busy this year because we’ve been able to have a bit of fun.”

Why should viewers vote for you?
“I don’t reckon they should this year. I reckon they should hold onto their dough or back Carrie because I think she really deserves it. I’d love to see her win. Spend your money on someone else or save it for a vodka, lime and soda on the weekend.”

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  1. In a newspaper this morning it said the award should not be for most popular but most heavily promoted. Spot on, the Gold Logie is a tainted award.

  2. I’m really against Stefanobodies statement that Aunty is so cheap they can’t advertise. If he was actually a journalist that had done his research he’d know that it’s not that the ABC is cheap, it’s that it’s against the ABC charter to advertise a commercial entity such as a magazine like “TV Weak”.
    It’s another reason I think that the winner of a Logie category doesn’t really reflect what is necessarily the best program or person it. Seems it has more to do with advertising dollars given to the magazine. The logies these days are really a feather weight in terms of respect in the industry. Let’s hope the AACTA awards raise it’s profile as the only awards to be taken seriously in this country.

  3. “Aunty’s so cheap”? They aren’t allowed to advertise it, all they are allowed to do us have Adam Hills state he’s nominated and direct viewers to the website.

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