Hawaii Five-0 / NCIS: LA crossover episode

CBS dramas Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: LA are planning a crossover episode of a storyline about a case that starts in Hawaii and spreads to Los Angeles.

This should work well for TEN given it airs both shows on a Monday night, although it does air them in the reverse order here.

These are currently unscheduled but should air in Australia in mid-May.



  1. Wondered if they would do more with the connection to NCIS: LA after Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), was in Hawaii Five-0 early on in Season 2 (brought in by Joe White to lip-read a video) and here’s my answer.

  2. I never started watching the NCIS franchise so I hope I am not too confused by the crossover. It seems to be a very popular form to get viewers to watch both series – with one of the earliest I can remember being NBC’s Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan (I seriously miss Las Vegas!), then ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, as well as CBS’s CSI’s. Hopefully O’Loughlin is back on scene soon as there are enough drug addicted role models in the world as it is, let alone being an Aussie (with other main Aussie rehab stars including Keith Urban (alcohol))

  3. Alex O Loughlin was meant to be the guy who crossed over to NCIS:LA. Thanks to his rehab stint he missed filming the crossover eps, and Daniel Dae Kim took his place

    I wonder if Ten will swap H50 with NCIS:LA that week, or just air the H50 crossover ep a week earlier.

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