May is finale month in the US

May sweeps in the US sees the end of big-name shows including the last-ever episodes for Desperate Housewives and House.

So you can avoid internet spoilers of your favourite shows, here are some finale dates of profile shows.

All dates are US so add +1 day for Australia.

April 29: The Good Wife
May 6: The Amazing Race
May 7: Two Broke Girls, Castle
May 8: New Girl, Unforgettable
May 9: CSI
May 10: The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, Parks & Recreation
May 11: CSI: NY, Fringe
May 13: Desperate Housewives, Once Upon a Time, Survivor: One World, American Dad
May 14: Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Mike & Molly, Two and a Half Men, Smash, Hawaii Five-0
May 15: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Private Practice
May 16: Criminal Minds
May 17: Missing, 30 Rock, Rules of Engagement, Person of Interest, The Mentalist, Grey’s Anatomy
May 18: Grimm, Supernatural
May 29: The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Harry’s Law, Celebrity Apprentice,
May 21: House
May 22: Glee
May 23: American Idol, Modern Family, Law & Order: SVU, Revenge
May 24: Community.

Source: TV Line


  1. Some additions / corrections:

    Community – May 17th
    Nikita – May 18th
    The Celebrity Apprentice (US) – May 20th
    Awake – May 24th
    Cougar Town – May 29th

  2. Gotta love the May finals month.

    I hope Community is renewed but it’s not looking good. There is hope that Parenthood will be back, it ended it’s shorter season back in Feb but signs are it will be officially renewed in a few weeks at the NBC upfrounts.

  3. I wonder if Fringe or Once Upon a Time will start to air here before the U.S. finale of either series. Or will they be after?

    For the Americans I’m glad Supernatural and Fringe have different last episode dates. But not Grimm and Supernatural it seems.

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