Molly gives first interview to Seven

Seven hits back in the ratings tonight with Molly Meldrum giving his first television interview since his tragic fall in December.

Jennifer Keyte speaks to Meldrum in an interview to be screened on Today Tonight. Excerpts will first air on Seven News.

Hearing and seeing Meldrum will surely command a large audience, following the outpouring of love for the music guru.

It comes just days after his induction into the Logies Hall of Fame. But despite his non-appearance, a friend told the Herald Sun, “He tires easily, becomes quite stressed under pressure . . . his walking is still slow. He really could not have gone on television on Sunday night.

“For some of his industry mates to think he was up to it was really quite unfair.”

A Seven spokeswoman said, “Our first priority was always Molly and he is on the road to recovery.”

Meldrum already writes a piece for the Herald Sun today in which he notes the support from public and music industry.

“It’s nice having famous friends, but the amount of support I’ve received from the general public has been truly overwhelming,” he writes.

“I’m not sure I deserve all this attention, but it has certainly boosted my spirits.

“I’ve got bags of cards from people that I’ve never met.

“The support I’ve had from Channel Seven, Foxtel and MTV has been incredible.

“My heartfelt thanks to David Leckie, Lewis Martin, Tim Worner, Graeme Hill and Ian Johnson at Seven; Brian Walsh at Foxtel, and Rebecca Batties at MTV. Hopefully I’ll be back at work soon.”

You can read it in full here.


  1. @roaringdave I wouldn’t say it was a ratings stunt considering they didn’t announce that he was going to receive it prior to the event.

  2. @ roaringdave
    I totally agree with you.
    My thoughts exactly.
    They definately should have waited for him to receive his award in person.
    I was not impressed at all.
    It was like a sympathy award to him.

  3. I think it was really unfair to induct Molly into the Hall Of Fame this year as a ratings stunt. He deserves to have been able to attend to accept the award, maybe next year.

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