Mornings fails to quiz The Hoff on his exit

He spoke about filming, his Hoff-tastic quotes, Bondi, and a new TV project that will see him filming again in Australia, but why didn’t Sonia Kruger and David Campbell ask David Hasselhoff why he walked out on Celebrity Apprentice today?

The Hoff was appearing live via satellite on Mornings but nobody bothered to ask him the crucial question.

That’s despite their official Facebook page announcing: “Morning all! Coming up on MORNINGS: The Hoff will join us LIVE to reveal why it all got too much on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.”

But he didn’t.

Presumably the question was off-limits -which only makes it all look worse. Today print, radio, online and social media have all been asking questions.

Dare I say it, but maybe a rival current affairs show needs to get to the bottom this one?


  1. What a set up. The hoff was only contract for 2 weeks to sucker the perocial punter in on the C list locals baited with the A list hoff then scoot with da loot??

  2. Kerrie-Anne was obviously not as keen to tow the line of her masters, that’s probably while she’s dancing on a sunday night and making sickly apperances on BH&G, instead of having the slot.

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