Nine wins breakthrough ratings week over Seven

The Nine Network has won its first official ratings week since September 2010.

Nine won with a clear 5% share ahead of Seven, finishing with 33.6% over Seven’s 28.6% and TEN’s 17.4%. It also won the demos. ABC was 15.4% and SBS 5.1%

After months of defeats by Seven it was a stunning success for the victory-hungry Nine, with its schedule jam-packed with three Reality shows and one event.

Nine swept the first 7 rankings for the week. The Voice enjoyed a spectacular launch, taking the top three places with as high 2.53m viewers, and all three over 2m viewers. Next were the Logie Award Arrivals (1.75m), The Big Bang Theory (1.5m), Nine News-Sunday (1.43m), The Block-Monday (1.4m) and the Logie Awards (1.29m) which dropped after being adjusted and Nine News (Weeknights 1.13m).

Australia’s Got Talent– Wednesday topped Seven’s week with 1.39m then Seven News-Sunday (1.33m), Seven News (1.25m), Australia’s Got Talent– Monday (1.19m), Seven News– Saturday (1.18m), Packed to the Rafters (1.12m) and Today Tonight (1.12m).

TEN was smothered in the crossfire with its highest rated show The Biggest Loser– Contest (827,000) at #38. Loser also slotted as the next three places for TEN then Offspring (727,000), Modern Family (724,000) and TEN News at Five (714,000).

New Tricks rated best for ABC with 1.11m viewers then ABC News (Saturday 962,000, Weeknights 950,000) and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (848,000) -all of which bettered anything on TEN all week.

Who Do You Think You Are? was 431,000 for SBS ONE then How to Cook Like Heston (405,000) and Unsinkable Titanic (345,000).

Nine’s primary channel share was 27.4% to Seven 21.5%, TEN 11.9%, ABC1 11.8%, SBS ONE 4.5%.

7TWO led multichannels on 3.8% then GO! 3.6%, 7mate 3.2%, ELEVEN 3.0%, Gem and ONE both on 2.5%, ABC2 2.3%, ABC News 24 and ABC3 both on 0.7%, SBS TWO 0.6%.

Nine won key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Wednesday – Saturday while Nine won Sunday – Tuesday. ABC bettered TEN on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Nine won in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but is yet to shake Seven’s stranglehold on Adelaide and Perth.

One weekly win for Nine is a long way short of Seven’s historic run, but for viewers restoring some healthy competition into the game is very good news.


  1. @ Dr Rudi, what I mean is this:

    If you look at the state-by-state figures – especially for news and public affairs – you will notice that the east coast Nine stations do well. But in the national figures, Perth and Adelaide which are owned by WIN are the problem.

    It’s widely accepted in the industry that the WIN approach works this way: In a 3 station market, the advertisers spend their money broadly split into thirds, one for each network.

    WIN believes if you’re going to get this money anyway, why bother investing in people, shows, promotion or facilities?

    The owners of WIN are happy to accept the advertising dollars and stick them in their pockets, without needing to do anything at all.

  2. [email protected]

    So what’s 9 got lined up after The Voice, The Block & Celebrity Apprentice finish?

    Not much, I bet…

  3. Finally some competition for Seven, but I do wonder if they would have won without the Logies?

    I don’t know what TEN needs to do, I probably watch TEN (and it’s digital channels) more than the others on FTA.

  4. Its a good comeback by Nine but just remember Seven were winning weeks over 8-10% in the first quarter. So as good a comeback it is Nine have a long long way to go yet.

  5. tmorgan: yes a crucial 0. missing from those multichannels, now corrected.

    Dr Rudi: The Voice every night might kill the golden goose, although we have seen other shows benefit. Maybe Nine is frantically restructuring the Live sing-offs….

  6. Ooops, sorry, that first went unintentionally early.

    @GG Please explain – how or why did WIN affliliates not pull their weight? I’m not being critical – I genuinely want to know what you mean

    @DavidKnox – David – what do you think if Nine had stuck with The Voice all week? I’m sure people went looking for it on their screens and it wasn’t there.

  7. Well done Nine! Nice to see some competition restored in Australian television. Now, lets see if they can win this week.

    @theTVGuru- Nine won 40 out of 40 in 2003 I think. Seven only won a week because of a Rugby Union match, and I think that was during non-ratings.

  8. Poor TEN always lagging behind. It is like the CW for Australia – half the channel of the other FTA networks. If they could just re-establish themselves as a main network then they could actually be some competition to Seven and Nine with some of the biggest U.S. series out there – The Good Wife, NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, and Homeland. But, as long as everyone only sees them as the tweens channel they will continue to be under-rated.

  9. 39 out of a possible 1 in 2003 MJL, and i think they might of cleaned swept a few years in the 80’s and 90’s when Nielsen ratings existed, and before Oztam

  10. and about bl**dy time channel 9 – you’re still a terrible channel – but you finally got your act together – now just don’t run out of steam and peter out.

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