Nine yanks Survivor: One World

It was all set to premiere on Tuesday night.

Nine had even sent out preview disks for review.

But Nine has now pulled Survivor: One World from the schedule next week, replaced with replays of, yep, The Big Bang Theory. That seems to be an apt phrase for shows that have been zapped by Nine.

Nine was already long overdue with launching the series -the eleventh episode has already aired in the US, making Spoilers a real headache.

At the start of this year Nine’s Michael Healy told TV Tonight, “I’m a big fan of Survivor, it’s been no secret. Last year it’s overnight numbers weren’t bad but it does extremely well in catch-up. Almost 70% of its audience in catch-up. We certainly hope to have it on air very soon, but I can’t confirm if it’s a Nine or a GO! proposition at this stage. But we’d like to get it to air as soon as possible.”

There is some speculation the show may be moving to GO! but Nine has not responded to enquiries about a new start date for Survivor.


  1. Not sure if this means anything but on the tv guide on my tv, it says TBA for Tuesday the 15th May @ 8:30pm on GO! A possibility perhaps?

  2. Don’t waste your breath or time complaing to Ch9.
    Do what I did…complain to CBS direct,thats the only thing that will make the 9 year olds running Ch9 sit up and take notice. Sorry I take that back..9yr olds have more common sense!!!
    Send your emails shouting your displeasure.

  3. The Foxtel online guide now says new One World Survivor, episode 2, will be shown on Saturday 12th May 2012 at 6:300pm on channel 9’s GO channel???

  4. Nine has a bad habit of doing these shows to death.I personally blame Eddie Everywhere the CEO of Nine for this.This is the same man who couldn’t even afford to save Humphrey Bear from the scrapheap or to invest in something other than more 2.5 men repeats,Top Gear and Big Bang Theory.The only thing I watch on Nine Now is 2 broke girls.

  5. DeeCee is correct: viewer demands have clearly changed; in a time of instant information and communication, and TV shows and movies are no different. The networks need to evolve their business models quickly to keep viewer satisfaction.

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