Renewed: Who Do You Think You Are?

Popular SBS genealogy seriesĀ Who Do You Think You Are? already has another season in the pipeline, with actor Don Hany confirming he will be part of the line-up.

Hany has appeared in Offspring and Tangle, but is best known for his acclaimed performances on SBS crime drama East West 101.

There are two more episodes in the current season with actor John Wood appearing tonight and former AFL player Michael O’Loughlin next week.


  1. I really enjoy the Australian version. It has changed my mind about people. I’m not a big Micallef fan but seeing him on the show changed my perspective. I’m looking forward to more Australian episodes.

  2. @Craig – I could not agree more. This is a wonderful series that, at one stage, seemed certain to be destined for Nine. Given the current ratings, I would think a commercial network will be lurking in the wings down the track. Let’s hope not!

    SBS are genuinely surprised by the number of people attempting internet chats with the stars post-show. This is inspiring television. So refreshing, so uplifting. Such a joy to watch people’s stories unfold. Thanks so much SBS.

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