Returning: Californication

Hank Moody is about to return.

A new series of Californication begins on ELEVEN later this month.

Season Five began in the US in January.

A few years have passed since Hank left L.A., and he is living in New York City but looking for a reason to leave after his latest breakup. He takes Charlie up on an offer to return to Los Angeles to write for a film starring rapper/actor Samurai Apolcaypse. Back in L.A., Hank reunites with Karen, Becca, and Karen’s former professor and now-husband, Richard. Becca now has a boyfriend, Tyler, who is the spitting image of Hank, in the worst possible way.

10pm Tuesday April 17th ELEVEN.


  1. ok cool its back, what about Nurse Jackie? that returns to the US April 8th, will that be joining it at 9:30? saw no announcement for it.

  2. Eleven didn’t fast track season 5 for some reason, but having already seen most of it, it’s so far the most mediocre season of the show.

    There’s not as much nudity and sexual shannigans as before (at least not as much with the Hank character, compared to previous seasons) and there’s the obligatory dinner party episode, which the show needs to stop doing every season, as they’re getting tedious.

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