Talent show face-off, but Seven not blinking.

Under attack from The Voice, Australia’s Got Talent has the backing of Seven’s programming director Angus Ross.

“The numbers The Voice has done are incredible,” he told the Sunday Telegraph. “I think those kind of numbers are good for free-to-air television in general.

“You’ve got to tough these things out sometimes and you have to back your programs.

AGT will stay put and I think you’ll find that next week we have some amazing acts on the show.”

Indeed, moving the timeslots could send a dangerous white flag to the audience, and The Voice may shift numbers once the auditions are over.

So far they have been spectacular, averaging 2.3m viewers over 3 shows while AGT had even dropped below the magic million.

Nine’s Michael Healy said the numbers had blitzed everyone’s expectations.

“This has been a work in progress for a very long time now. We wanted to make sure we got all the elements right – the coaches and the producers and the contestants and the mentors who come with the coaches and the studio design. I think it has raised the bar,” he said.

And it’s not just on air the show is resonating, but online too. The official website pulled over 1.7 million video streams in 72 hours.

Ben Watts, ninemsn’s Head of TV and Video told TV Tonight, “Prior to The Voice, our most successful site ever was the run-away success of The Block in 2011.

“Tuesday was the second biggest day for video streams on the ninemsn network, ever. Second only to the day the floods struck QLD. 9 of the 10 top videos came from The Voice.”


  1. @tmorgan96, ” Seven are dead in the water until post-olympics”

    That is the funniest comment I have ever read here. You will be eating your words sooner than you think 🙂

  2. Since The Voice only has one more week at 3 episodes of blind auditions, Seven should be able to make up some ground with their shows quite easily. Nobody knows yet what timeslot The Voice will actually end up in, add in the sharp decline in viewers that The Voice gets once the battle rounds start and there is no guarantee that Nine will get 2+ million people after this week.

  3. Seven are dead in the water until post-Olympics. And AGT is an aging format anyways. Leckie has quite a bit of rebuilding to do- Nine’s Voice has wiped out Dancing with the Stars, Australia’s got Talent and Rafters.

  4. @Bella – I’ve tripped over repeats on Friday night and on Saturday night on 7 . Enough already. I don’t know how many other repeats I’ve managed to avoid.

  5. Its good that they won’t move it around like other channels do. But I do think they should keep on replaying it at some point during the week or the weekend.

  6. Although I dont watch either show – the opionion by Ch 7 in ….

    “You’ve got to tough these things out sometimes and you have to back your programs.”

    Is the reason why 9 has had so many failures in the past. Inconsistent programming, moving things on short notice and flooding the timeslots with one or two shows does nothing to support the brand.

    I congratulate Ch 9 for Finally providing Ch 7 with some decent competition for ratings. It has taken this long it is simply not funny.

    All ch 9 need to do now is pay attention to the rest of their schedule. The one thing about 7 is variety and consistency. The latter is more likely to not move a show unless it is a real turkey.

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