The Block moving to Sundays after The Voice auditions end

Good news for other networks with The Voice no longer scheduled on Sunday nights after this coming weekend.

The Block will air six nights a week, added to 6:30pm Sundays from April 29 (those¬†“7 O’Block” promos will apply to weeknights).

Presumably this will be the show’s weekly “Room Reveal” episode.¬†Friday night episodes will comprise highlights.

Next Monday The Voice airs at 8pm and on Tuesday at 7:30pm. But a week later the times are reversed. Hopefully the changes don’t affect the goodwill with the audience. Nine has a break-out hit and needs to tread carefully while it enjoys audience support.


  1. The Voice is Great keep up the good work.

    But Honestly Can’t Stand Scott Cam or the Block.I am aware those Two and a Half Men episodes they were showing at 7pm were getting rather old and stale but given how crap the non news or pay/digital tv opposition was with Home and Away as of late sometimes the old sitcom was a much easier to watch alternative.

  2. I agree programming shows at different times hurts shows! Viewers like to be creatures of habit! I Dutch with Desperate housewives because it aired every Mobday for 7 years and then 9:30 Thurs for the last two when it was rating lower!
    For 9 to move Voice start times this early is unnecessary!!
    Mentalist is suffering from multiple time slots and Happy Endings struggled with 6 time slots in 3 weeks! Irrespective of people views on shows, decent programming and consistent start times are vital!

  3. I have only switched over to the Voice during add breaks, but the talent I have seen auditioning so far is way better than anything X Factor has ever had.

  4. Looks like Nine are following the format of NBC and airing The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays

    if the level of talent this year (that makes it through to the final live shows…) is half as good as the talent from The X Factor last year, I’m going to watch the whole series!

    I will admit I’ve found the American version boring this year, they cut all my favourite singers in the Battle Rounds, most notably Charlotte Sometimes

  5. See this is the problem with Nine. They change the timeslots like they change their undies which is why shows lose their audiences. The Voice is going to suffer from having no blind auditions soon and to make matters worse more timeslot changes. One week its 8pm the next week its 7:30pm not to forget The Block running overtime so its more a 7:40pm. Plus its worse where i am because NBN shows A Crappy Affair at 7pm. So on Monday night i was up until 10:15pm watching a talent show. Its way way too late. I have to wake up the next morning you know.

  6. They really can’t lose with The Voice. It’s not like 2million people will stop watching like that. Yes, maybe it might get down to mid-million (Keyword: might). But will defiantly rise on the way to the Grand Final!!

  7. Big mistake. Why can’t there be more stability. I couldn’t tell you when my fave shows are on. 8.52pm starting time then next time 9.20 etc. It’s hard to follow and honestly just gives the programming a really complicated and messy look about it *sigh*

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