Who Do You Think You Are?: Apr 17

This week SBS’ popular genealogy series profiles Vince Colosimo in rural Calabria.

Charismatic actor Vince Colosimo was born and bred in Melbourne, and both of Vince’s parents are from Calabria in the South of Italy. Vince remembers his late grandfather, Antonio Russo, but knows almost nothing about his life in Italy before he emigrated.

Antonio had a bullet wound to his wrist which was said to have been sustained in the World War II but he died without ever telling the family his story. As Vince discovers the truth about his grandfather’s experiences in the war, he uncovers news of a tragic episode and a truly extraordinary story of survival.

On Vince’s father’s side there’s always been a mystery about his dad’s mother, as she died young, and little is known about her life or family. On his quest to find out who she was, Vince uncovers the story of her father, and finds out their lives in rural Calabria were touched by both joy and tragedy.

7:30pm Tuesday on SBS ONE.

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