9:42pm…. tricky scheduling for Tricky Business?

Some promos say Tricky Business premieres “after The Voice” which is Live tonight.

Their official Facebook page indicates Nine’s new drama starts at 9:30pm.

Nine’s Guide on its official website also indicates 9:30pm.

However my Foxtel EPG (which is the most accurate Guide I know of) indicates it starts at 9:42pm. Hmmm, what gives….?

If 9:42pm is the agreed ending for The Voice, then I hate to think what happens if it runs overtime. Tricky Business could get pushed out to 9:50pm… such a move would be an alarming way to premiere a new local series.

Or is the strategy to allow The Voice to run overtime so that the ratings, which are reported tomorrow, reflect a spill-over and give the appearance of a stronger premiere? Maybe I’m too cynical….

Of course, Nine is not alone in promoting shows as one starting time, only to allow them to begin up to 20 minutes later.


  1. I was really surprised it started only 15 minutes late, instead of the usual 25 minutes of the last 2 weeks.

    I did tape it to watch last night, but I did check when it had started.

    On another note, I won’t be watching again.
    I knew I didn’t like it after 5 minutes, but I did watch the whole episode.

    I was very disappointed on many levels.

    Australia can do so much better than this.

  2. 9.45 on a school night for a Rafters type drama was never going to draw in the punters. Be interesting to see where they replay it to get more the attention of more people.

  3. Nine’s broadcast EPG showed a start of 9:38pm since late last week and the show actually began at 9:43pm, so Nine knew well in advance the running times.

  4. I might have considered watching it,if it started close to the time.But since i was watching Foxtel at the time the Voice was on.I just continued my viewing on Foxtel.

  5. You could tell in The Voice that they realised the judges were going a little long so they made them simplify their comments- well done to them for starting the show so close to the peg (not foxtel but an updating set top box that is extremely accurate)..

    And totally agree – The Voice was an amazing production in all aspects – staging and lighting were stunning (apologies- in an English teacher so I get excited about lighting and production design!!)

  6. My EPG has 9:42 – 10:44, it started on time but why 62 min, is this an error or are they squeezing in a few more ads. It will be interesting to see exactly how ling the ep is without ads.

  7. Standard channel nine programming, exactly what I commented on yesterday. The only thing they ever started on time was Beaconsfield, well 8.31pm was close enough.

  8. Secret Squirrel

    There’s no way that this’ll start at 9:42. Prob won’t start until after 9:50. Nine have hobbled this before its even had a chance.

  9. Not a good start for a new local show they have been pushing for months!

    We know the ratings will be high (from The Voice) if not correct because they won’t take into account the show starting late. Got my PVR set but might have to extend it a bit, maybe until 11pm or later?

  10. My free-to-air EPG says its starting at 9.38pm. I’m sick of the networks deliberately sending out misleading information.
    TEN never update their EPG on Sunday’s…they state their shows start exactly on the hour and half hour…idiots!

  11. Interesting and sneaky. I’ll note the normal EPG says it’ll start at 9.38pm and end at 10.39pm. That said it’s not always completely correct. I’ll admit Monday is the day, due to Media Watch, that I don’t mind if something is late at 9.30pm as a viewer. I just wish they would choose to admit it.

  12. Well at least they have the correct day this time. Last night in QLD they were advertising that ‘Tricky Business would be airing after the voice Tonight on 9’, I don’t believe either program was on last night

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