Airdate: The Body Farm

This Saturday night ABC1 premieres UK drama The Body Farm in which Waking The Dead‘s forensic pathologist Dr Eve Lockhart (Tara Fitzgerald) is back with a new team and a new lab, as the boundaries of forensic research are pushed to the limit.

Working alongside Detective Inspector Craig Hale (Keith Allen – Robin Hood, Bodies, Trainspotting), Eve is backed up by Rosa (Wunmi Mosaku – Moses Jones, Silent Witness) and Mike (Mark Bazely – The Queen, The Bourne Ultimatum) – two eager scientists fascinated by the effects nature and her creatures have on the victims.

Then there is scientifically brilliant Oggy (Finlay Robertson – How Not To Live Your Life) who struggles to cope with the outside world, even experimenting on himself as a ‘living donor’.

When DCI Hale asks for Eve’s help to investigate an unusual crime scene, she sees an opportunity to bring funding to The Body Farm, but working on real crime scenes will take her team out of their academic comfort zone.

They visit a derelict tower block featuring human remains splattered over the walls of a small flat. They discover that teenagers are using the tower for wild parties.

The team begin to connect evidence with the attempted suicide of a young girl weeks before. Using cutting edge techniques they have been developing, Eve and the team discover the cause of a blast that destroyed the bodies of two young men, and uncover the secrets hidden deep with the victims.

8:30pm Saturday, 26 May.


  1. This was a disappointment but not entirely unexpected. Eve was the weak link in the often over-cooked Waking The Dead although I was never sure if this was the character or Tara Fitzgerald.

    The Body Farm had potential; the concept is solid (although the need for another forensic crime drama is debatable). But the script of last night’s show was painful. Cliched and over-stated, it was easy to think it was just bad acting but I think the cast didn’t have a lot to work with. The plot was a stretch, too, but we make allowances.

    Good to see Dean Andrews. I missed Marchlands but enjoyed him in Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. Just a one-off here though.

    This could have been a lot stronger in better hands and perhaps with a different lead. Even Keith Allen was somewhat wooden.

    And, call me a wowser but why does she have to smoke? I squint and stare but can see no way in which it adds anything to the characterisation. Pointless and unedifying.

    I’ll probably keep watching though!

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