Barry Humphries in all-star Q & A next week

Move aside politicians.

Next week’s Q & A steps up the star power with some very impressive names:

Joining host Tony Jones are:

Barry Humphries – Celebrated Australian writer, satirist and actor;
Miriam Margolyes – Star of Harry Potter and champion of English novelist, Charles Dickens;
Jacki Weaver – Academy Award nominated actress;
David Marr – Journalist and commentator.

9:35pm Monday on ABC1 and simulcast on ABC News 24.


  1. Miriam’s fabulous – nothing is sacred to her, so the interaction between her and Barry Humphries should be interesting. Jackie’s hilarious as well .(don’t know that I agree that she’s always talking about Derryn Hinch, she’s got way more to talk about these days. He, however, obviously still loves her, he talks about her a lot).

    I fell rather sorry for David Marr, the odd man out.

  2. I will watch this, but I will turn off if Jackie Weaver starts talking about Derryn Hinch. I don’t think I have ever seen her do an interview without talking about him.

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