BBC bans The Dictator but not Sacha Baron Cohen

‘Admiral General Aladeen’s’ appearance on the Today show is now attracting attention overseas.

The Dictator‘s outrageous comments have been reported by media in the UK and US.

Huffington Post,:
You can check out the trailer for the film here, but before you do, you’ve got to watch this incredibly awkward interview he carried out with Australian morning TV show Today, which no doubt had dozens of Aussie grannies spitting out their cereal spoons as Admiral General Aladeen propositions host Lisa Wilkinson over and over and over.

It was also reported by Hollywood Reporter, Metro UK and others.

UK media also reports he has been banned from appearing on the BBC to promote his new movie.

But a BBC spokesman told Daily Mail there is no ban, saying he was welcome to appear outside of his character.

“Any of our chat shows would be interested in interviewing Sacha as himself.”


  1. Well, I should say with the exception of a couple of US interviews when he was promoting the TV show – Letterman and The Daily Show come to mind – but after that, I think it’s slim pickings.

  2. FWIW, SBC has never done an interview as himself. All the interviews have been in character, and scripted. You can see SBC reading the teleprompter. Including Ali G’s interview with Parky, much to Parky’s chagrin. (On the BBC by the way – they’ll be waiting a long time to get SBC).

  3. Steve Roderick

    It was brilliant and very funny. People know what he is like. They wanted shock, and they wanted people talking about the Today show – it worked.

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