Bikie Wars, Once Upon a Time replays. Gone: House.

Sorry fans of House -it was due back this Saturday night but now TEN is repeating Bikie Wars from 9:30pm instead.

In fact it is also out for May 26, replaced with a movie (but I will wager Bikie Wars gets another replay).

Meanwhile Seven is also repeating Once Upon a Time at 11pm Friday night, midday Sunday, 2pm Tuesday (check local guides).


  1. TheGedemondan

    What movie is scheduled for May 26? Please don’t say The Devil Loves Prada, Back to the Future, or something with Adam Sandler.

  2. Why don’t they just air the last 10 episodes of the season. Get it out of the way! I just want to see how they end this good series

  3. David can you please talk to your friends at TEN about getting House shown in Australia before the end of the world? I have loved this show since it began and am desperate to see it to the very end, and TEN are making it very hard for us Aussie House fans. I don’t care if it is in the graveyard slots on Fridays and Saturdays, or the late-late-late night slots that infomercials are shown in, as long as it is shown. Even replacing the double repeats of Burn Notice on ONE would be an acceptable placement.

  4. I keep getting signed out of this website, I think there’s a problem with my cookies.

    Anyway. Ten should really slot House to 10:30 Wednesdays, they have the 10:30pm timeslot occupied by Numb3rs three nights of the week (Mon-Wed). Why not give one of those to House fans? Postponing and bumping it indefinitely is only going to cause another “Medium” type situation

  5. I’m going to have to repeat myself again, aren’t I? They have no idea how to use multichannels and it’s no wonder Australians are such downloaders… Shame on you Ten!

  6. I agree
    They should at least finish off this show on eleven or a late timeslot and respect their viewers aswell as how successful house it was for the network

  7. just air House on Eleven instead and be done with it, theres plenty of slots. 10:30 mondays instead of Frasier repeats, or after the movie sundays, tuesdays 9:30 instead of a movie… seriously only 1 movie during the week seems out of place, or one of the 6 Star Trek slots.

    hell, even the 10:30 weeknight slots on Ten would do.

  8. Much like with their treatment of F1 fans, TEN have made it clear they take no issue with us using other means to watch shows that they aren’t willing to show.

    Poor treatment of viewers sees them leave, which means advertisers pay less, which means your channel is in the crapper.

    How’s Masterchef going TEN? You killed that last year with Renovators…

  9. I have come to the conclusion that commercial TV planners do not know how to use their alternative channels. The programs being listed to air are being cancelled before air date which tells me the planners do not have a clue. Sack the lot. Tv programming has gone to rack and ruin.

  10. @David
    – Has channel nine set a rerun of “Tricky Business”. It premiered to late of a time for me and I forgot to record it :/

  11. They should have just aired House on ch11 since the new year. But really who didn’t see this coming?

    Anyone who missed these show don’t they have PVRs or even a VCR to record them if they are watching something else?

    And what happened to the online catch up services, I know not everyone has access to these service but really these encores are getting to predictable, maybe they should air the encore on their HD services so we can see them in full HD?

  12. Ooo if there is no Person of Interest on Friday night I just might rewatch Once Upon a Time. Thanks David. 🙂

    I guess the message to the House fans is buy the DVDs.

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