Body of Proof soon

Seven will be returning Dana Delaney drama Body of Proof to screens soon.

Don’t be surprised if this one follows Revenge on Monday nights in about 2 weeks time. Times are yet to be confirmed.

Who’s looking forward to this one?


  1. @Belinda

    Yeah i know but i really like Body of Proof and Harry’s Law yet the demo’s absolutely suck despite each show having a very high viewer number

  2. Demos and PVR numbers help save some shows.

    The NBC upfronts are in a week or so, not long until we find out who made the cut.

    I tried to like BoP but clashes with other shows and a lack of time took their toll. Maybe I’ll catch it on DVD or in re-runs.

  3. @Guy but those demos save shows like Parenthood, which is a better show than Body of Proof and Harry’s Law. Although, it is in danger this time.

  4. @MuchoTB

    Knowing it might be cancelled i am looking forward to the remainder of the series. This show is good but in the US viewers don’t count, demos do. This show gets an average of 8.5-9m a week way over some of the other hits in America who score way less in the total viewers but a higher demo. That is because its an older skewing show. New Girl comes to mind. Thats the problem with America’s ratings system, its all about advertisers. Viewers should count for something but unfortunately they don’t. That is the huge problem. is 8.5m viewers bad yet a show can get a demo of 2.5 but only 5m viewers? See what i am getting at? Thats the huge flaw with American ratings.

    Harry’s Law is another prime example. It got a shocking 0.7 demo but a massive 7.5m viewers which is astounding.

  5. I thought the second season was stronger than the first and it has a great couple of eps to end on the 2 parter is particularly good. Although gotta say I really don’t like Jeri as an actress, I found her very cold .

  6. I hate this show, horrid procedural with cardboard characters. Jeri Ryan and the rest of the ensemble cast are so wooden you could easily mistake them for trees.

    It is one of ABC’s worst rated dramas in the US and does terrible in the demo. Upfronts are in a little over a week, I’d be willing to bet my entire net worth that it will be axed

  7. Yeah, this turned out to be pretty good so we’ll watch it again. Similar mix of characters to Bones and that’s lasted the distance.

  8. @ Mathew See – Sorry when a network stops showing a series I automatically jump to “it was the end of the season” (especially how the S02E07 finished with her daughter), but typically it was just FTA networks deciding when to stop and start a series (nothing new). Thank you for pointing out my mistake though =)

  9. Definitely like to see Dana again.

    Josh777 – Seven already started on season 2 as the first seven episodes of the second season was shown prior to Seven giving it a rest.

  10. Absolutely love this show. I compare it to a modern version of Crossing Jordan. And I do say “modern” in that since Crossing Jordan back in early 2000’s, more series have opted for more inter-genre shows – with this series being a crime/drama but having bursts of comedy from Ethan (Geoffery Arend) and Curtis (Windell D. Middlebrooks) – which is becoming an ever increasing aspect of shows (e.g. Harry’s Law, The Mentalist, Unforgettable, etc.). Can’t wait to see Season 2 =D!

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