Bondi uniforms to the Rescue

Bondi Rescue has become so successful internationally that tourists now expect Aussie lifeguards to be sporting the same light blue tops as those worn on the show, according to one lifeguard association.

While the Bondi Rescue boys wear predominantly light blue polo shirts, other NSW lifeguards have different attire, such as a white polo.

Today the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (APOLA) conference in Illawarra will discuss the question of uniforms.

APOLA spokesman Ken Holloway told the Illawarra Mercury, “Because of the phenomenal success of the TV show, when overseas tourists and people who don’t live on the coast come to the beach, they’re expecting the lifeguard to be in a blue shirt.

“So there’s a push to make that the colour combination for all professional lifeguards.”

A little uniformity perhaps.

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