Boys losing to girls on The Voice

The Voice sent home its first four singers, all of them male, from its live performance shows: Sam Ludeman and Michael Duchesne from Team Seal, and Matt Hetherington and Ben Bennett from Team Delta.

Some of the singers saved by the judges are likely to raise eyebrows.

Delta Goodrem saved her own backing singer Glenn Cunningham.

Seal saved Chris Sebastian despite a lacklustre performance last week.

Seal told his contestants, “Based on what I’ve been talking about, it’s about how you connect with that camera.”

So is it still just about the voice?

This week the show included more constructive criticism for singers, which was sorely needed, including for teen favourite Lakyn Heperi.

It was also the girls who had the edge over the boys with the best performances coming from Diana Rouvas, Brittany Cairns and Sarah de Bono. Darren Percival was the best of the blokes.


  1. Lakyn was crap last night. Don’t get why girls like him so much. The way he sings is just too lazy and as Seal hinted at, there were moments in his performance where he looked like he didn’t care. Sorry, but that’s the way I saw it.

    Rarely like anything that Joel says or does, but I really like how he said that Darren Percival was his favourite non-Team Joel artist.

  2. I can understand the comments about Glen – but can also see why she chose him, without question his performance was suprerior to the other two. Frankly, it is a decision that goes against the “it’s no longer about the voice its about the looks” cries from the general public. Getting rid of the “cute teeny bopper” and keeping him shows a commitment to vocal performance.

  3. @ Dean, re Davids comment about Delta saving Glen. David was only saying what everyone else is thinking. Glen is a good singer, but not great.

  4. I cringe every time Delta has to make a decision about Glenn but I’d argue that on this occasion, Glenn out-performed both Matt and Ben therefore she made the right choice.

  5. @Kylie Joel and Carmen had a sit down talk about it. And it was mentioned that she broke the rules. One thing that I am not sure if I missed was why Joel couldn’t replace her and he is down to 5 which is a bit odd.

  6. I cannot see how the judges can say anything great about Laykyn’s performance last was lacklustre and dull and he thinks he just has to stand there and look pretty to get the girl’s votes..Poor Matt..he should have been saved by Delta

  7. I think the (Twilight) boys will do just fine judging by the twitter traffic. Adam’s performance was magnetic. I almost voted for him.

  8. what makes this show really irritating to watch is that the judges never give an honest critique of the singers performance. its so boring when you know every judge has nothing but positive praise for every singer even when they are really bad. give me kyle sandilands any day at least he is honest and gives an honest critique . and what’s with favouritism on the show deltas backup singer and that sabastion guy both ordinary singers at best .Diana is the stand out just brilliant performance last night.

  9. The performances were much better last night than they were last week. I like that Seal said what we were all thinking regarding Laykyn’s casual “performance”. Hopefully the judges will stop with the love-in and start giving real critiques in the future. I must say Delta looked lovely last night.

  10. glad to see lakyn got a kick up the butt, he is riding through on his good looks in my opinion.

    i was worried diana wouldnt have the vote, but i really think based on her amazing performance last night, she is gonna glide on through.

    when do the judges get taken out of the equation in regards to eliminating contestants? i would like to see how glenn goes once delta’s (voting) support is gone.

  11. I don’t think your comments re: Delta saving Glen are entirely justified. Sure she may know him, but he definitely deserved to stay over the two from Team Delta that left based on last week – her decision was pretty clear cut. Also Glens performed better on iTunes than the two elimated artists.

    Overall last nights show was leaps and bounds ahead of last weeks, with far fewer dull performances – and the four artists you mentioned were fantastic – Diana was just phenomenal – I was literally clapping in my living room!

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