“Breakfast TV…. why do you have me on?”

“Breakfast TV…. why do you have me on?” asked Admiral General Aladeen, aka The Dictator.

It was a question they must have been asking themselves….

Yesterday Sacha Baron Cohen gave an unmissable interview live on the Today show which left Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson and Richard Wilkins squirming in their seats and blushing at the best of them.

You know when you can hear the crew laughing it’s priceless telly. They’ve seen ’em all.

Admiral General Aladeen let fly with insults directed at women, Jews, gays, Asians, Ryan Seacrest and more.

He hit on Lisa “sugar tits” Wilkinson, inviting her back to his country.

He said Julia Gillard should have a sex change and become female.

He said Peter Slipper should remember the first rule of a politician – ”only sexually harass female staff … the boys will always talk” and reminded Craig Thomson ”when you pay for hookers, don’t use the government card … I know it’s tempting because of the air miles, but you have to do what’s right.”

Nine has confirmed it received complaints following the segment.

”We are handling any complaints in an appropriate manner,” a network spokesperson said. ”But that said, we have had fewer complaints on this than other similar comedy moments.”

Media watchdog ACMA also received complaints.

But for their efforts, Today beat Sunrise in the ratings. Which is probably why they had him on.

You can see the full 7:15mins here. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Source: WA Today


  1. Secret Squirrel

    Cohen’s humour is tasteless but doesn’t warrant a complaint (other than it being very tired – I was over him by the time the Ali G movie came out).

  2. I love Today, but a very awkward interview.
    Generally, we can trust Karl to match any humour made by the guest, but it was definetely tense in that studio! Perhaps a pre-recorded interview would’ve been better here… At least they beat Sunrise!

  3. From the opening line of “Hello Sugartits” I thought it’d be interesting … he’s right though, whoever booked him is either an idiot who didn’t do their research, or someone with big balls willing to put them on the line for ratings.

    Seriously funny though, more so purely to hear the crew cracking up in the background – I’m sure Karl would have loved it though – his type of humour 🙂

  4. That’s awesome!! So much more entertaining than their usual boring informercial shit, and interviews with experts on extremely rudimentary things like the amount of sugar in vegetables

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