Brian Mannix dancing without a hangover

Former Uncanny X-Men front man Brian Mannix is as surprised as anybody that he has made it through the first two eliminations of Dancing with the Stars.

He credits partner Melanie Hooper with keeping him in the game.

“We lost about two weeks laughing. But she choreographs beautifully to highlight me and what I can do and we don’t have to get scared until Thursday or Friday,” he said.

“Clearly I’m not the best dancer but a lot of people think ‘He’s just a bloke like me having a crack.’ So they can relate to that.

“I’m just a bloke who goes to the pub and has a beer like everyone else.”

After surviving another elimination last Sunday he was excited about the week leading up to tonight’s battle.

“I’ve got another week and I can’t believe it. Without a hangover,” he laughed.

“Maybe I’ll keep this as part of my routine, to not have a hangover on a Sunday!”

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