Chris Lilley meets Angry (London) Boys

Chris Lilley met UK fans of Angry Boys in London this week, as 500 fans swarmed Trafalgar Square.

“Arriving at Trafalgar Square and spotting hundreds of people holding up their middle fingers at me Nathan style was awesome. The international fan response to Angry Boys has been overwhelming,” he said.

They even broke into a Blake Oakfield chant of “Mucca Mucca Mucca! Oi Oi Oi!” while posing for photos.

Lilley also took questions from fans as 350 of them rode around central London on a double decker bus.


  1. @ Honkster, I don’t think he is telling us we should have loved the show. He is simply showing appreciation to those who did love it.

    p.s I before E, except after C 🙂

  2. When will this guy stop telling us how much we should have loved the show? Move on and write something good again. This is becoming weird.

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