Euphoria as Sweden wins Eurovision 2012!

Sweden has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012!

Loreen’s “Euphoria” was the bookies’ favourite and didn’t disappoint with 372 points.

In second place was Russia on 259 and Serbia in third with 214.

In last place was Norway on 7 points just ahead of United Kingdom’s Englebert Humperdinck.

Baku put on an excellent show at the Crystal Hall with 26 acts including stirring ballads, soaring notes, thumping dance tracks, sexy acrobats, moonwalking bagpipers, warbling grannies, sequins, an overworked wind machine and another shout-out to Australia.

The unofficial Australian winner according to the SBS audience was also Sweden. The song is already available on iTunes.


See you next year in Stockholm!

Sweden 372
Russia 259
Serbia 214
Azerbaijan 150
Albania 146
Estonia 120
Turkey 112
Germany 110
Italy 101
Spain 97
Moldova 81
Romania 71
Macedonia 71
Lithuania 70
Ukraine 65
Cyprus 65
Greece 64
Bosnia and Herzegovina 55
Iceland 46
Ireland 46
Malta 41
France 21
Denmark 21
Hungary 19
United Kingdom 12
Norway 7

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  1. Thought Sweden was good but wasn’t in my Top 3 of Italy, Spain and Denmark. All 3 of those countries were criminally under-pointed IMHO.

    At least the grannies didn’t win though

  2. As Always – Great competition.

    However, not taking anything away from the winner, the voting sucked badly for the rest of the field with countries swapping votes with their mates as usual.

    Want some real respect Eurovision ? – fix the voting – somehow

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