Hot tip: Downton Abbey

I’m tipping Downton Abbey to resume on Sunday May 20th.

Seven is yet to announce a return date but Bones is wrapping its season at 9pm Wednesday May 16th (it’s a shorter run this year due to Emily Deschanel being with child).

We also know that Seven is giving radio listeners a competition prize of the first two episodes screening this Thursday -so it’s return is imminent.

Seven also has a 90 minute TBA programme scheduled for 8:30pm Sunday May 20 (the first episode of S2 runs 67mins without ads). Launching on this date could see all 8 episodes + a Christmas Special airing neatly ahead of the Olympics.

Lock it in….


  1. @auntyj

    I find your experience with Once Upon a Time very amusing, because it practically mirrors my experience with Glee. I had a chance to see the pilot episode before it aired over here and loved it. I used to wait for shows to come out on DVD before watching them, but that was before I had a PVR and was planning to do so with Glee. At the end of almost every single program Ten was airing, there’d be a 2-minute promo for Glee. It just became so annoying that I’ll probably never watch it. Annoying little buggers….

  2. @ Guy

    Seven has been airing “Coming soon” ads for Downton for over 4 weeks now. I’m leaving for a 2 week holiday, will have no means of watching if it begins while I’m away, and can’t arrange to record it while I’m gone if I don’t know when it starts! Also can’t afford to buy the DVDs, and wouldn’t consider downloading it illegally.

    So that’s where my frustration is coming from, I can’t speak for anybody else.

    I can say, a couple of weeks of anticipation is a good thing, 4+ weeks just turns it into frustration and annoyance. I’m so sick of seeing the ads for “Once upon a time” (have been airing here since about February) that it’s completely put me off watching it, even though I know nothing about it. I’m sick to death of it just from the extended ads.

    After a few weeks, saturation advertising puts people off, rather than drawing them in, so Seven are shooting themselves in the foot with their constant, extended “Sneak Peek” ads.

  3. @Ronnie

    Nothing is illegal at buying dvd’s from the UK but the point i was trying to make is on forums and other places people keep going on about “i have already seen it by obtaining it illegally and having the exact same thing going i hope this show suffers because of Seven’s lateness.” A tv network can’t schedule everything at once. Its just not possible. There are shows which can be held and do very well. Sure its been a while but the fact is the majority of people don’t go and buy it overseas, don’t go and obtain it illegally. They wait and they watch it when it airs here. Thats what i am trying to get at. Its not just Downton either. Once Upon a Time is the #1 new drama in America and Seven is doing a fine job advertising it but people keep saying “oh its been too long and it will fail” as people have gotten it in the ways i mentioned before. Its only a small minority. That is a fact. A show should do well on its merits. The Voice, Revenge and others prove this.

  4. Also the only way to see the show in HD, as it was meant to be, is to get the blu-rays from England. Another great opportunity to showcase HD lost to Australian viewers.

  5. I can understand those who can’t wait or want to see the series without ads but there is a dearth of quality tv on so I don’t mind waiting. Looking forward to DA on Sunday nights.

  6. I hope you’re right David. It sounds good to me. Now all I need from them is to make it happen and please air it on time i.e. within 5 minutes of schedule and preferably 3 minutes . If early chuck some ads on please. I’ve heard they managed to do that on Sunday for Bones (i.e. be on time ). Though not for Castle. Although I used the time for something else.

    @ Guy

    I agree. I haven’t watched either Downton Abbey or Once Upon a Time from DVDs or other means. But then again if the channel stuffs it up I will get the Australian DVDs when they are released if I care enough about a show. I’m not that fussed about Downton but I will watch it if treated properly by the channel. That’s why I wish they air on time. As I want to watch it. They succeeded last time. Let’s hope they will this time.

  7. @Nathan

    Not all people go and get the show by other means you know. I am sick to death of people saying i hope the show fails. This and Once Upon a Time. All i am hearing is its too late got it elsewhere blah blah blah. Not everyone goes and illegally obtains the shows. Its the small minority of people who do. Sorry but i hope both these shows smash the opposition.

  8. @JB Me too, I hope Seven takes a beating for the delay. I bought Series 2 and the Christmas Special on DVD at the beginning of the year even then I had already seen it through other means. Why bother waiting for them.

  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if they aired Downton Abbey season three later this year. I remember in David’s interviews with the head of every network, that they said they had the option of playing “two seasons” of DA this year, and that they probably would

    As it stands the show will have no trouble crushing The Mentalist and Touch, probably getting double their audience at least (both got 700k for their latest new eps)

  10. FYI Emily (or Bones) gave birth on the show already. I have notice Seven is fast tracking this on, only just over a week behind the US. In real life Emily gave birth back in September.

  11. I also decided not to wait for Channel Seven. I purchased the DVDs from England and watched all of season 2 and the Christmas Special last year in December.

    For those who haven’t seen it yet, season 2 is just as great as the first season.

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