MasterChef: “Extra Taste” or Extra Ads?

Anybody else getting frustrated by TEN’s ploy of “Extra Taste” clips in the middle of an ad break during MasterChef?

These have been specifically designed to resemble the episode we are watching.

Last night during a commercial break I thought we had resumed the show with the team challenge, especially given it had all the usual TEN watermarks.

But no. After a few seconds up came the words “Back Soon” before heading us back into more ads.

All up, between the actual segments of the show an unbelievable 7 full minutes had passed. Very poor form.

Is TEN just doing this to trick those of us watching on PVRs and ad-skipping? Is it done to promote sponsors (Extra Taste was a fast food sponsored ads last night)?

All I can see it doing is pissing off loyal viewers. TEN has already acknowledged this is a show the audience has ownership over.

Media Watch and ACMA need to look closely at this one and Shine Australia should also weigh in on TEN’s practice.

Tamper at your own peril….


  1. The old ‘Saturday Night Live’ treatment – can only see it getting worse.

    But to me, the real annoyance is the length of the shows warping out of control, inconsistently. Oh how I long for the days when it was 60mins, 60mins, 30mins, 60mins, 30mins, 60mins.

    Nowadays, it’s anyone’s guess on the duration. But then, I just wish they’d go the MC USA route – two hour long episodes a week. No muss, no fuss.

  2. @Davidknox that makes sense then.

    For memory 7 did like a behind the scene thing ‘brought to you by ****” then after it finished it went to that sponsors ad. I think it then went pretty much back into the show.

    I think its quite clever. yes for viewers annoying but channels are trying to defeat the skipping through ads.

    Do you really think its criminal?

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