Nine sorry for Celebrity Apprentice tweet

Nine has apologised for a tweet that went to air during Celebrity Apprentice, which commented on Caitlin, the office receptionist.

As previously reported Colonel Kickhead tweeted: “The receptionist on #celebapprentice is still working on that spreadsheet?? She must have got her job spreading between the sheets I suspect,” it read.

A Nine spokesman yesterday told the Daily Telegraph the tweet had slipped past their social media monitoring.

“Unfortunately, the racy tweet slipped through our censorship net post 9.30pm,” he said.

“The Nine social media team apologised to Caitlin who was not concerned at all.”

But a woman claiming to be Caitlin’s mother on Twitter said that Nine should be “ashamed”.

Colonel Kickhead told TV Tonight most of his tweets are not for public consumption.

“No way would I have ever thought they would use it.”

The show wraps next week on Nine.


  1. I can’t believe Nine feel they had to apologise for that! It serves them right for pandering to the net generation so idiotically.

    I refuse to watch any show that features viewers tweeting or texting comments, they add nothing to the proceedings and just come across as stupid and distracting.

    Anyone dumb enough to appear on reality TV deserves what they get – holding you up to public ridicule, that’s what it’s all about!

    Unreality TV has not only lowered the national IQ by 20 points it’s made us more prudish and conservative than we were in the 1950s.

  2. Tweeting during broadcasts can be highly amusing, as was the case of this tweet shown in Celebrity Apprentice. However done too often and you get too many people trying to push their own brand of comedy on to the viewing public… which kind of cheapens the appeal of the tweets broadcast. Q&A used to be really good tapping into the home viewers thoughts as the show went on, but it has gotten pretty stale.

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