No more sneak peek of The Shire

TEN’s plans for a Sneak Peek of The Shire next week are now out.

A 10 minute look was originally scheduled for 8:20pm next Wednesday May 16.

But it’s now out, and it isn’t yet clear if it will be rescheduled.

In its place TEN will begin Offspring at 8:15pm next week. I really hope all these extra-length episodes of Masterchef give the network what it is looking for. At the moment their durations range from 30 mins to 60, 70, 75 etc.

Call me crazy but I think this just confuses the audience waiting for the next show and they will either ignore them or PVR them and migrate towards something else that is more consistent.

If you can’t tell a story in 60 minutes and you need 70, maybe the problem is in the editing booth or the office of the executive calling the shots?


  1. Why don’t the Channel 10 big wigs give their production execs a big slap on the wrist if they can’t over look a program that can’t be cut on time, let alone start and finish on time? Also I am enjoying Offspring. It’s a brilliant in house production.

  2. @alex – If you want top rating aussie drama then go run and watch your Packed to the Rafters. I for one am glad Offspring isn’t as “top rating” otherwisse I would have given up on Australian TV drama long ago.

  3. Exactly David! Since when did quality, well written & acted, enjoyable TV necessarily equate to big audiences?

    Offspring fans have been required (like so many shows) to almost do handstands to follow it around the many changed times and days of Channel 10 scheduling.

    Add The Good Wife as another highly regarded series suffering a death of a thousand cuts, when viewers simply find it too hard to keep up.

  4. @ Andrew you may think “Offspring” is a “ripper” show but it’s quite clear the rest of us don’t.

    The last time it had Masterchef as a lead in when it was getting 2 million viewers, “Offspring” always lost more than half of that audience getting only about 900K and couldn’t even pull over the magic million. So you can’t say it was a lack of exposure or the channel, it’s the show people don’t like.

    If that doesn’t tell you something then nothing else will.

  5. This is very short notice. I expect most printed guides will have already listed Offspring as being at 8:30 next Wednesday.

    There’ll be some people who are annoyed they’ve missed 15 minutes of the show

  6. So 99% of Offspring fans will miss the start of it. Although the way the TV channels are, it probably won’t start till 8.30 anyway.

  7. Is this a no-confidence move against The Shire?

    It’s certainly not going to do Offspring any favours, and its numbers have been looking pale as it is. Which is a shame because Offspring is a ripper show but it’s on a network that seems to have no real direction, except for erratic, largely due to Warburton’s temporary predecessor.

  8. Secret Squirrel

    I don’t watch MC but I would be surprised if they’re not cramming in extra ads which would push the finishing time out. So it might be network greed rather than an issue with the editing that’s causing it to run overtime. Anyone want to run thru a recording on their PVR?

  9. I agree … these reality shows need to have consistant times. It’s not so much that the reality show becomes unwatchable if it runs for different lengths, it’s more the program after it gets thrown out of whack and hard to track whether I should tune in at 8:30pm or 8:40pm or 8:57 and a half pm!

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