Real Deal Seals the show at The Voice party

Last night Nine held an exclusive launch for its live performance shows for The Voice last night at Bondi’s Icebergs restaurant.

Execs from Nine and Shine sipped cocktails with the show’s judges, sponsors and media while paparazzi snapped photos outside. And even Nicole Richie.

Nine Managing Director Jeffrey Browne thanks Michael Healy, Adrian Swift, Mark Fennessy, Julie Ward and the judges.

“To be able to entice our welcome our four coaches and to be able to capture the hearts and minds of Australians that you have is an incredible achievement,” he said.

“Thankyou very much Seal, Delta, Keith and Joel. Two of you are Australians and two are honourary Australians, so thankyou very much.”

But before he could finish his speech, Seal piped up with “Might I add to that only as great as the talent pool that is coming out of this incredible country.”

“My next point was the talent. I think we might ask Seal to come up!” he laughed.

Taking his cue, Browne acknowledged the talent.

“These are people who have been around, been session singers, never had an opportunity to perform, never had the confidence to step up and show what they can do. It’s been an incredible achievement and everyone in the room is proud of the great talent we have in our country.”

He also thanked Darren McMullen, mentors, sponsors, Nine publicity and digital team.

“The Twitter traffic, Facebook traffic, the YouTube downloads this show has been able to generate has been unbelievable.”

But as the judges mingled in the room chatting to guests, it was the enigmatic Seal who dazzled starstruck guests and who spoke passionately about the “authenticity” of the format and the blind auditions. It would have been easy to pass the time and make small talk but he was very vocal about the format and its chance to give back so much to its contestants. It made a nice change from the usual celeb only in it for the pay cheques.

It’s pretty clear that what we are seeing on screen is the real deal Seal.

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  1. This is what i like about reality shows. With someone like Seal you never get to really know what he his like until you see him interact with average people. How refreshing that not all stars are not just money grabbing aloof people. Seal is the real deal.

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