Reality hits home as Patti asks to go

Patti Newton nominated herself to be fired on Celebrity Apprentice last night.

Newton told boss Mark Bouris it was she who should go and not her team mates Charlotte Dawson and Vince Sorrenti.

“To be honest Mr. Bouris, I think you have to fire me. I’ve loved being in this competition. But I actually think you might have got all you can get out of me.,” she said.

“I don’t think I can become a good leader. I have to say that Charlotte and Vince are too good to go and I think you’ll get much more out of them than you will me.”

Despite encouraging words about her integrity from Mr. Bouris, she was indeed fired.

But TV Tonight understands it was an outcome that allowed her to travel to Singapore to be with husband Bert Newton who had taken ill in February.

This would make it the second time a celebrity has sought to exit for family reasons after David Hasselhoff quit to honour a family commitment.

At least Patti stayed for the board room, and during her time on the show rolled with the punches with the best of them.


  1. @Steve Sydney, completely agree with your comments. The tweets popping up are bloody annoying and inane. The sooner they get rid of them the better.

  2. Pity they screwed this format up. Last season showed potential. thsi season feels very scripted and challenges more about contacting celebrity’s mates as sponsors rather that the celebs tehmselves showing true ingenuity on the playing field. And Nine has commisioned another one. Yikes!

  3. I can understand Patti wanting to leave at the time. The pressures of Bert being unwell, and the problems with their son would have made it very hard for her to fully participate. In this case I think the circumstances were unseen, and at the end of the day she made the right choice to be with her husband.

  4. steve sydney

    Good on her, but I am finding this season such a bore compared to last year

    And the tweets popping up during CH 9s programming is getting very annoying.

  5. Quite contrived reality. This time somebody actually had family reasons to leave early but The Hoff had already taken that excuse so they had to write another exit for Patti.

  6. davodavo6666

    What a cripping competition when half the people just leave. It started off so well the first week, now I have stopped watching.

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