RPA in final season

Nine has announced RPA‘s new season, which returns tomorrow, will be its final.

Set at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, this observational series has been running since 1995.

This quiet achiever show has been poignantly narrated by actor Max Cullen.

The final season returns at 9:30pm tomorrow on Nine.


  1. They better have a montage of the last 18 years of the show and a dedication to the late great professor Chris obrien may he rest in peace he was a true legend

  2. I guess it makes sense. RPA definitely is not the powerhouse that it once was. I think in the late 90s/early 2000s, it would consistently be the #1 (if not) close to being the #1 show of the week.

  3. @MuchoTB – What about The Force & Border Security? I think they should be Axed from Sven’s schedule. Sick of going through Sydney Airport with the chance of getting filmed.
    These shows are all schedule fillers

    I actually really enjoy RPA…. will be sad to see it go.

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